10:11 am
Wed April 16, 2014

Talking Politics: Petition initiatives and sunshine laws

Initiative petitions touching on 19 different issues are circulating right now to get on the ballot in November. They range from allowing early voting to eliminating teacher tenure. Signature gatherers are out, clipboards in hand, to get the thousands of signatures necessary by May 4. The catch is this: Most of these initiatives won’t make it on the ballot. KBIA's Justin Paprocki found out just what it takes to get an issue on the ballot.

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8:19 am
Mon May 27, 2013

Deadline looms to request Mo. absentee ballots

Credit kristin_a / Flickr

Voters in southeast Missouri are running out of time to request absentee ballots by mail or fax for next month's congressional election.

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9:28 am
Fri August 31, 2012

Koster won't file appeal for Carnahan on health ins. exchange ballot language

(via Flickr/Jennifer Boriss)

Originally published on Thu August 30, 2012 6:55 pm

There will be no challenge to the new language inserted onto a ballot initiative by a Cole County judge regarding health insurance exchanges.

The version initially approved by Secretary of State Robin Carnahan (D) had asked if state law should, “deny individuals, families and small businesses the ability to access affordable health care,” unless the people or the legislature created an exchange.  In a statement, Carnahan says Attorney General Chris Koster (D) refused to file an appeal on her office’s behalf.  Lt. Governor Peter Kinder (R) filed suit against Carnahan over that language.  He applauded the Democratic Attorney General’s move.

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5:30 pm
Fri August 3, 2012

Springfield OKs marijuana ballot

Dey Flickr

Springfield officials have certified the signatures on a petition that seeks to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana in the city.

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8:59 am
Thu April 12, 2012

Mo. House approves new voter ID bill language

Missouri House members have rewritten the ballot language for a proposed constitutional amendment clearing the way for someday requiring voters to show photo identification.

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8:26 am
Mon April 9, 2012

Missourians could decide record number of ballot issues

Missourians have put forward dozens more ballot initiatives in 2012 than in previous years.

Missouri voters could get a say on several big issues this fall, including measures to replace the state income tax, hike the tobacco tax, raise the minimum wage and restrict payday loans.

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