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Sturgeon Eyes Hosting Boone County Fair

Nov 4, 2015
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The Boone County Fair Board is considering a new place to call home for its annual celebrations. A sales tax proposal last year aimed to fund Boone County’s parks and fairgrounds was rejected by nearly two-thirds of voters, leaving the Board’s usual hosting location, The Central Missouri Events Center, closed for the near future.

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The fate of what many Boone County residents know as the fairgrounds is up in the air. The Central Missouri Events Center Review Board Committee met Wednesday for the first time at the grounds to begin plans for the future of the county-owned space.

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COLUMBIA, Mo. (AP) — Boone County officials and some vendors say they are concerned the closing of the Central Missouri Events Center could hurt the region's economy.

The center, formerly known as the Boone County Fairground, will hold only a few events before closing shortly after Thanksgiving. The decision came after county voters in August soundly defeated a proposed eight-cent sales tax to support the center, other county parks and economic development.

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As part of its regular meeting, the Boone County Commission held a second public hearing Tuesday night about renaming the Boone County Fairgrounds.