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The Missouri Supreme Court has upheld two laws that limit the ability of local governments to regulate cellphone towers.

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After getting stymied in court, many telecommunications companies are supporting a new approach in the Missouri Legislature to try to limit local restrictions on cellphone towers.

Judge strikes down Mo. laws on cellphone towers

Oct 22, 2013
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A Missouri judge has struck down a pair of new laws that had limited the ability of cities and counties to regulate cellphone towers.

Cole County Circuit Judge Patricia Joyce ruled that lawmakers violated procedural requirements of the state constitution when passing the bills earlier this year.

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A Missouri judge has temporarily blocked a pair of new state laws that would have limited the ability of governments to regulate cell phone towers.

Cole County Circuit Judge Pat Joyce issued a preliminary injunction barring the laws from taking effect as scheduled on Wednesday.

At issue are bills imposing a wide-ranging list of things that cities, counties and the state cannot do when regulating cell phone towers.