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Circuit Court Judge Christine Carpenter will Retire this Fall

Jun 16, 2017
Jonathunder / Wikimedia commons

  Judge Christine Carpenter, who has served on the 13th Judicial Circuit Court of Missouri for 18 years, will retire Aug. 31.

Carpenter, 69, was first sworn in as a judicial officer on Sept. 1, 1999. She was first appointed to the bench as a drug court commissioner.

Carpenter emphasized recovery and treatment programs throughout her career on the bench.

'Cocaine? No thanks!'

May 23, 2012
Boone County Courthouse
Jacob Fenston / KBIA

Back in the late 1980s, while the nation was in the grips of the war on drugs, some courts started experimenting with alternative sentencing programs they hoped would be cheaper and more effective than incarceration.  This week, the most recent batch of offenders graduated from the Boone County drug court, which is seen as a national role-model.