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Coldwater Creek in Hazelwood area turns milky white

Oct 3, 2016
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The Missouri Department of Natural Resources is investigating after a suburban St. Louis creek that has already been the source of health concerns turned milky white.

KMOV-TV reports that Coldwater Creek in the Hazelwood area of St. Louis County was white Sunday morning, raising renewed concern from residents. The DNR says crews were sent to collect samples of the water.

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Testing by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has found possible radiological contamination at seven more properties near Coldwater Creek in north St. Louis County, further adding to concerns that remnants of the nation's early nuclear weapons program are causing health problems for some who lived near the waterway.

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A federal agency has announced that it plans to study radiological contamination at a north St. Louis County creek that some residents are concerned may be linked to several cases of cancer.

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St. Louis County health officials say they will hire researchers to study illness rates among residents near a creek that was contaminated decades ago by nuclear waste.

New data are adding to concerns that exposure to radioactive waste in Coldwater Creek could be causing cancers and other health problems.

Nuclear waste generated by the Mallinckrodt Company was dumped in North St. Louis County after World War II, contaminating the creek and surrounding areas.