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Jars of peanut butter and packets of veggie chili mix sit on metal shelves in a white room, ready to be picked up by hungry University of Missouri students. But this place isn’t a supermarket or campus convenience store. This is a food pantry—MU’s Tiger Pantry, to be exact.

A food pantry. On a college campus? In Columbia? Yes. The rising cost of college and other higher education necessities can make students run short when it comes to food. Rachel Volmert, the director of Tiger Pantry, said this increasing financial burden makes some students think that they have to choose between paying for school or buying nutritious food.

Four things you don’t know about college costs

Mar 7, 2013
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Annual tuition hikes over the past five years have made some Mizzou students question whether college is really worth the price tag. However, Nikki Krawitz, MU’s vice president for finance and administration, said the 2.3 percent per year rises in tuition are pretty reasonable compared to the 6 percent of colleges in surrounding states, according to the MU website.