columbia community non-violence Initiative

Madeline Dufek / KBIA

Members of the Mayor’s Task Force on Community Violence will help a local drill team find a home. During last night’s meeting at City Hall in Columbia, task force co-chair and Second Ward councilman Michael Trapp pushed to make helping the Highsteppers the force’s third formal recommendation.

The Highsteppers lost their former rehearsal space at Hickman High School in Columbia after neighbors complained about the noise. The drill team has been “homeless,” according to task force member Pam Hardin, ever since.

The murders of three Columbia, Mo. men last spring, two of whom were teenagers, sparked outrage from concerned residents and lead to an assessment of the effectiveness of at-risk youth crime prevention programs.

It’s been six months since the shootings, and the community has had time to heal and reflect on the meaning of this tragedy.

39 year-old Lamont Sargent was shot and killed in March, and within a month, two 17-year-old Columbia residents, DeAudre Johnson and Bryan Rankin were also murdered.

Columbia group aims to prevent community violence

May 29, 2012

The Columbia Community Non-Violence Initiative is aiming to help prevent violent acts like the shots fired at Albert-Oakland Pool last night.

Members of the Columbia group will meet tonight to discuss ways they can continue to raise awareness and promote nonviolence in the community.

Spokesperson Jonathan Lowe said many group members were at the pool when the shots were fired but have not yet discussed the incident. He says the group aims to present alternative opportunities for those who might have violent thoughts or think of taking violent measures.