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The Columbia Public Works Department is conducting a public survey to test new bike marking at four major city intersections. The city is making improvements to the bike markings after complaints from the public that the old markings were confusing.

The Public Works Department is working with the Federal Highway Administration to test the markings. The department tested a simulated version of the markings at the University of Missouri’s ZouSim testing lab in 2015.

Barry Dalton is the Public Information Officer for the Public Works Department.

Columbia Announces Plan to Upgrade Parking Meters

Dec 6, 2016
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Parking in downtown Columbia will look a little different come mid-January. The city’s public works department announced Tuesday it will upgrade nearly all of the city’s downtown parking meters.

The project, which comes with a roughly $475,000 price tag, will make each meter payable by coins, a new prepaid card system, or the Parkmobile app.

Of the more than 1,800 meters the city oversees downtown, about 90 percent will receive some sort of upgrade, though about half of existing meters will only get their internal mechanisms reworked.

The 710 meters set for replacement will make way for new meters that serve two parking spots at a time.

“These new meters have increased security. They have better tracking; better auditing data,” said Shay Jasper, of the Columbia Public Works Department. Jasper added the bright LED display will make the new meters easier to read.

The project is scheduled to start start Jan. 7 and finish on Jan. 13 assuming weather conditions are favorable, according to the city. Jasper said January was a good time to get the work done since many of Columbia’s college students are out of town for the holidays.

The new two-spot meters add a step to the payment process for drivers, making sure to select which spot they are paying for. Jasper says the process is “pretty straightforward,” and that the department will “hand out some brochures at the start” to help customers along.

Snowy street
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A new report from the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) released this week said 23 states spent more than a combined $1 billion to combat winter weather from October 2014-April 2015.

stormwater drain
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During the upcoming election Columbia residents will vote on proposition two, which proposes an update on storm drain systems around the City of Columbia.

Columbia has a new recycling program

Nov 20, 2014
ACT Recycling Warehouse

The City of Columbia is looking for volunteers to help educate residents about recycling practices.

  More than 70 people were on hand for a ribbon cutting ceremony today for Columbia’s first compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling station. 

Two of the pumps at the fueling station are reserved for the city of Columbia’s vehicle fleet. A third pump is open to private trucks while a fourth will be made available upon demand. The ribbon cutting comes just under a year after the Columbia City Council approved a partnership with California based company Clean Energy Fuels.

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           The end of July will bring natural gas to Columbia. Columbia’s first compressed natural gas, or CNG, station is expected to be completed late this month but not all are in favor of the impact the project will make.

The plan to build a natural gas station started last September when the Columbia City Council approved a 15-year contract with Clean Energy, a natural gas provider.

The station will available for public use, but it will especially impact fleet operations in Columbia because some public vehicles are being converted to run on natural gas.

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The Columbia Public Works Department had a problem. There were too many employees for its small parking lot. Workers would park along the street, disturbing residents living close to the department. At the end of the parking lot was an underground cavity, which was used to drain water into local creeks and rivers in the 1980s and has not been used since. But it was a good place to add onto the current lot, however there was a worry about drainage.

stormwater drain
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The Columbia Public Works Department had a problem. 

Columbia Public Works

The Columbia Public Works Department hosted an open house Wednesday night at Mill Creek Elementary School to present design concepts on a future road project.

Phase three of the Scott Boulevard road construction project is set to begin in 2016. The department plans to add four miles of new sidewalk and nine storm mitigation basins from Vawter School Road to Route KK.

Other highlights include expanding the road to five lanes and building a new bridge over Mill Creek.

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Mid-Missouri drivers are dealing with slippery roads Thursday after a winter storm that dumped two inches of snow in Columbia, according to the National Weather Service.

Across Mid-Missouri, as of 10:00am Thursday morning highways were listed as either covered or partly covered according to the Missouri Department of Transportation’s traveler information map. Check for the latest updates at this link.

Safety project proposes barrier along College Ave.

Nov 21, 2013
college avenue and rosemary lane
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College Avenue, a four-lane highway on the east boundary of the MU campus, may be getting a new look in the near future.

Columbia adopts new neighborhood traffic plan

Nov 19, 2013
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Columbia’s city council adopted the Neighborhood Traffic Management Program Monday.

The program allows the Public Works Department to work with residents to fix problems in their neighborhood and aims to help calm traffic on residential streets. A neighborhood can make a request to fix traffic and a study will be performed to see if the issue is of legitimate concern.

“It’s great to have some kind of uniform strategy for handling questions that come up from neighborhood residents and neighborhood leaders,” said Community Development Director Tim Teddy.

Airports contribute $11 billion to Missouri's economy

Nov 18, 2013
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The 108 airports in Missouri contributed $11 billion to Missouri’s economy, with $3.1 billion of that coming from 100,621 jobs, according to a study released by the Missouri Department of Transportation.

The study looked at direct impact money, which includes the salaries of airport workers, ticket revenue and contractors hired for construction. In addition to the direct impact, there is indirect impact money that includes hotel room and rental car sales.

Columbia Public Works Department held an informal meeting Wednesday to present design concepts for its Clark Lane Non-motorized Improvement Project. 

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Columbia voters will decide next Tuesday whether to approve funding to maintain and repair the city's aging sewer system. 

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Columbia Public Works is using a new form of technology to enforce parking regulations. The department has started using smart phones to document parking tickets, correspond with other agencies involved in issuing the tickets, and to take photos of the parking violations.

This technology will replace the currently used devices which use outdated technology and have caused complications in communication. Columbia Parking Supervisor Tanner Morrell says the phones are simplifying the communication between the agencies involved in issuing tickets.

American airlines
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The American Airlines announced that the Columbia Regional Airport reached its revenue goal for the month of March.

Snow cleanup closes parts of downtown Columbia

Feb 22, 2013
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Parts of downtown Columbia will be closed to traffic on Friday night for snow removal.

Columbia City Hall
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The Columbia City is launching a parking permit program today, hoping to alleviate a parking shortage in the North Village area.

Columbia officials prepare for winter storm

Feb 20, 2013

Officials in Missouri are making preparations for a winter storm that’s expected to hit Columbia during the morning commute Thursday.

The National Weather Service says the storm, which already has dumped inches of snow and rain out West and across the plains states, is projected to bring at least two to four inches of snow accumulation and up to two tenths of an inch of ice in Columbia and surrounding areas.

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The Columbia Public Works department says, based on local forecasts for winter weather, the department decided to start pre-treating roadways this morning.

Columbia Public Works Department workers recently painted yellow lines to restrict parking along Crestmere and South Garth Avenue.

Crestmere Avenue residents are frustrated at the parking situation on their street. Library patrons and parents with children in Grant Elementary school park on the street, leaving no room for residents. Workers painted the yellow lines after a resident asked their council representative to review the situation. Public Works Department Engineer Richard Stone said the yellow lines provide information to motorists.

Columbia public works officials are removing private sewer lines from local neighborhoods.  

New bus route to Columbia Farmers Market

Apr 9, 2012

Last Saturday was the first day of a new bus route that takes passengers from the University of Missouri Student Center to the Columbia Farmers Market.

Riding with the Bike Brigade

Mar 30, 2012
SFBike / Flickr

This week, we hear how one person deals with homesickness, when home is almost ten thousand miles away. But first, we hit the streets of Columbia on bikes.