CoMo Explained
3:20 pm
Wed May 15, 2013

How Columbia Regional Airport lost all its airlines but one

This is a metaphor, probably.
Credit Hey Paul Studios / Flickr

This week we note the last departure of Frontier Airlines from Columbia Regional Airport and try to figure out how we ended up with just one airline.

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3:03 pm
Fri May 10, 2013

Columbia airport tower to remain operational

Credit thisisbossi / Flickr

Edited at 3:30 pm with quotes from Columbia Public Works

Columbia Regional Airport (COU) issued a press released Friday afternoon announcing it had received word that its tower will remain open thanks to new federal funding. As we've reported before, the air control tower serving Columbia Regional Airport was on a list [pdf] of regional towers that the FAA was planning to close.

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3:49 pm
Fri March 22, 2013

Federal sequestration cuts will shut down Columbia's airport control tower

Credit File Photo / KBIA

On Friday, the Columbia Regional Airport received notice that its control tower was among 149 around the country[PDF] that would close as a result of federal sequestration cuts. The closure is expected to take place at some point between April 7 and May 7.

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5:09 pm
Mon October 22, 2012

Columbia Regional Airport passenger traffic, 2000-2012 [infographic]

Simon_sees Flickr

Since 2000, airlines have come and gone at Columbia Regional Airport (COU), changing in the number of passengers passing through the airport. This graph shows the total number of passengers who arrived or departed on commercial aircraft at COU since 2000.

Click on a letter to see which airlines came or went at that particular time.  All numbers and events took place during the month listed, although the graph will denote that time as the first of the month.  Use the scrollbar at the bottom to change the view of the graph.