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“Undefeated” is the Oscar winning documentary from MU grad Dan Lindsay which will open and close True/False this year. The film  follows an underdog high school football team in North Memphis, Tenn. KBIA’s Nick Gass spoke with Lindsay about the biggest challenges the directors faced and the process that went into making the movie.

Q&A with Undefeated director Dan Lindsay, Pt. 1

Feb 24, 2012
Picture courtesy The Weinstein Company

MU grad Dan Lindsay’s Oscar nominated film, “Undefeated,” chronicles the players and coaches of an underdog high school football team in North Memphis. The documentary will open and close the True/False Film Fest next weekend. Lindsay spoke with KBIA’s Nick Gass about making the film and the chance encounter that propelled him into directing.

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As Columbia gears up for the True/False Film Fest, this week we're giving you a preview of a few of the best things happening at this year's fest.