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  The city of Lake Ozark unanimously passed an ordinance that will take more precautions against electrocutions involving boat docks at the Lake of the Ozarks. Lake Ozark is modeling their new ordinance after Osage Beach's inspection requirements. 

  Osage Beach's approach requires inspections when a new dock is installed, when a dock moves locations, when any addition is made to an existing dock or when electrical upgrades are made.

Lake Ozark City Administrator Dave Van Dee said the Lake Ozark Fire Protection District will carry out the inspections.

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The mother of two Boone County children electrocuted in a 2012 Fourth of July boat dock accident at Lake of the Ozarks is suing the utility company that owns the popular recreational lake.

A wrongful death lawsuit filed in July in Morgan County by Angela Anderson of Ashland claims that Union Electric Co. failed to notify lake dock owners of the need to install electrical protection devices known as ground fault interrupters. The utility operates under the name Ameren Missouri.

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After several deadly accidents at Lake of the Ozarks over the last year, The Osage Beach Fire Protection District wants to make safety adjustments. Currently, the district is proposing to expand dock inspection requirements. Osage Beach Alderman and realtor Fred Catcott said the proposal is beneficial to those who use the lake.

“It gets rid of the people that want to go the cheap way out and not get them brought up to date," Catcott said. "[It] will grossly improve the safety of the lake.”

A 26-year-old Hazelwood woman has died in another electrocution near a dock at Lake of the Ozarks.

The Lake Sun Leader reports that the woman was swimming with two children near Dry Branch Cove's 4-mile marker on Saturday night when a current of electricity hit the water. The two children were not injured.

The State Highway Patrol says two siblings from Ashland were electrocuted Wednesday at the Lake of the Ozarks.