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7:00 pm
Tue May 28, 2013

Newscast for May 28, 2013

Regional news from the KBIA Newsroom, including:

  • Wal-Mart pleads guilty to violating federal rules in Missouri
  • US Rep. Hartzler visits Columbia's community health center
  • Mo. court blocks eminent domain by port authority
  • Adoption advocates urge Gov. Nixon to veto foreign law bill
5:12 pm
Tue May 28, 2013

Mo. court blocks eminent domain by port authority

Credit David_Shane / Flickr

A Missouri Supreme Court ruling has essentially scuttled a project to ship crude oil from North Dakota through a Mississippi River port in southeast Missouri.

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9:04 am
Wed April 3, 2013

Voters limit Columbia's eminent domain power

The Columbia City Council approved a measure leading to the eviction of Regency residents.
File photo KBIA

Many Columbia property owners are cheering after City of Columbia Proposition One passed yesterday with nearly 70 percent of the vote. 

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9:19 am
Fri March 29, 2013

Columbia voters to decide on "blight" prop and the city's use of eminent domain

Columbia Sixth Ward Councilmember Barbara Hoppe supports Proposition One, a measure on the April 2nd ballot. The measure would affect the city's use of eminent domain.

If approved, Proposition One would limit the city of Columbia’s ability to designate property as blighted for the purposes of acquiring it with eminent domain. It would also prevent eminent domain from being used to transfer the ownership of property from one private owner to another. Sixth Ward Councilmember Barbara Hoppe proposed the bill. She says that it will help sooth concerns about how the blight designation and eminent domain are used. “Well I think there’s just a general public concern about the overuse and misuse of eminent domaink," she says, "particularly after the Kelo vs.

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8:30 am
Fri December 14, 2012

Eminent domain petitions cleared for signature gathering

KBIA file photo
Jacob Fenston KBIA

Supporters of Missouri proposals to reform laws on the use eminent domain can begin working to get their measures on the 2014 state ballot.

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