Science, Health and Technology
8:26 am
Mon May 7, 2012

Federal, state, and local officials agree to reduce Hinkson Creek pollution

The Environmental Protection Agency has called for reducing stormwater runoff into Hinkson Creek by nearly 40 percent.

Columbia area residents and officials have started developing recommendations for cleaning up a local waterway.

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Science, Health and Technology
5:23 pm
Fri March 23, 2012

Zebra mussels found north of kansas city

puakrus flickr

The Missouri Department of Conservation says zebra mussels have been found in Smithville Lake, a reservoir north of Kansas City.

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4:50 pm
Fri March 16, 2012

Wal-Mart to pay for environmental damages

Mo News Horizon Flickr

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. has agreed to spend $1.25 million to settle claims over a southwest Missouri contractor's disposal of unsold products such as charcoal, potting soil, herbicides and pesticides.

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9:11 am
Thu March 8, 2012

City takes aim at energy efficiency in rental units

Kelly Sims Flikr

The City of Columbia wants rental property owners to make their units more energy efficient. The city's first step is to find out just how efficient – or inefficient – those houses and apartments are.

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Science, Health and Technology
9:26 am
Fri February 10, 2012

Grant will help keep Columbia creeks clean

Bill Bumgarner flikr

Boone County and the City of Columbia are using a grant from the Environmental Protection Agency to study storm-water runoff into Bear Creek, north of I-70. A task force will focus on reducing pollutants, which flow directly into the creek, untreated.  

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Under the Microscope
5:10 pm
Thu December 15, 2011

Lobbying for the health of Missouri's waterways

The entrance to the Ozark National Scenic Riverways. Environmental groups are petitioning to have a new management plan for the park.
Jimmy Wayne Flickr

This week on the show: why aren't the candidates for President talking about agricultural issues? Plus: environmental groups petition the National Park Service to take better care of Missouri rivers.

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Science, Health and Technology
10:56 am
Wed December 14, 2011

Environmental groups push for protection of Missouri's Ozark National Scenic Riverways

Horseback riding is a popular activity in the Ozarks, but their waste has been linked to high E. coli levels in the Jacks Fork, the main tributary of the Current River.
Mark Morgan, University of Missouri

A statewide coalition of environmental groups and advocates has submitted five thousand signed petitions to the National Park Service, urging the agency to do more to protect the Ozark National Scenic Riverways in Missouri. As St. Louis Public Radio's Véronique LaCapra reports, the coalition is pushing for more enforcement and a stronger management plan for the Current and Jacks Fork rivers.

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