6:24 am
Tue July 8, 2014

Ameren blames EPA standards for coal plant closure, Nixon signs bill to allow less restrictions

Credit machinecodeblue via Flickr

Gov. Jay Nixon has signed legislation directing Missouri regulators to develop their own standards for carbon dioxide pollution from power plants.

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3:31 pm
Thu June 26, 2014

No health risk found at Bridgeton complex

The Environmental Protection Agency says preliminary radiation screening results showed no public health risk at the Bridgeton Municipal Athletic Complex.

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Science and Technology
3:52 pm
Tue June 10, 2014

MU joins task on water quality of Mississippi River

Mississippi River
Credit Christine Karim / Creative Commons

                Researchers at the University of Missouri are working towards improving water quality throughout the Mississippi River and Gulf of Mexico.

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8:21 am
Wed June 4, 2014

Hartzler talks coal power in Moberly amid EPA regulation proposal

U.S. Rep. Vicki Hartzler (File photo)

Missouri Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler kicked off her “all of the above” energy tour with several stops in Mid-Missouri Tuesday, including the Thomas Hill coal fired power plant near Moberly.

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3:11 pm
Mon June 2, 2014

Columbia power plants react to proposed rules from Obama administration

MU power plan communications manager Karlan Seville said the university has already reduced their emissions by 28 percent since 2008 and will be reducing coal use 75 percent by 2018.
Credit machinecodeblue via Flickr

The Obama Administration unveiled new proposed rules for power plants on Monday, but Columbia’s two power plants won’t be drastically affected.

Columbia Water and Light is mandated to purchase at least 5 percent of its electricity from renewable sources because of an ordinance passed by the Columbia City Council and the city’s coal plant only operates part of the year.

However, the city does currently get its power from a coal burning power plant from Sikeston, Missouri.

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4:14 pm
Tue February 25, 2014

Rep. Luetkemeyer asks EPA to reconsider wood stove regulations

Credit KBIA

  Missouri congressman Blaine Luetkemeyer is urging the federal Environmental Protection Agency to reconsider newly proposed regulations for wood-burning stoves.

Luetkemeyer sent a letter to the EPA Tuesday saying the proposed regulations could increase the costs of manufacturing wood-burning heaters. He said that could make them unaffordable to many people and drive some small manufacturers out of business.

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Science, Health and Technology
9:10 am
Fri January 10, 2014

Missouri Attorney General Demands More Monitoring Of Smoldering Landfill In Bridgeton

An underground fire was first detected at the Bridgeton Landfill in December, 2010.

Originally published on Thu January 9, 2014 10:05 pm

Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster wants more air monitoring at the Bridgeton Landfill, where an underground fire has been smoldering for more than three years.

Attorney General Koster asked the St. Louis County Circuit Court on Thursday to order the landfill's owner to collect more data on carbon monoxide emissions.

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4:54 pm
Mon March 18, 2013

Mo. senator threatens block on EPA administrator

Senator Roy Blunt (R-MO)
TalkMediaNews Flickr

Republican Sen. Roy Blunt, of Missouri, is threatening to block President Barack Obama's choice for Environmental Protection Agency administrator until plans are resolved for a long-stalled levee project in southeast Missouri.

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PM Newscasts
7:46 pm
Tue August 21, 2012

Newscast for August 21, 2012

Regional news from the KBIA newsroom, including:

  • Five senior Missouri Republicans call on Akin to end his campaign
  • Akin lets Mo. Senate withdrawal deadline pass
  • Columbia to lose its commercial airline service to Memphis
  • Court vacates EPA cross-state pollution rule
Science, Health and Technology
6:51 pm
Tue August 21, 2012

Court vacates EPA cross-state air pollution rule

Chris Murphy Flickr

A federal appeals court has vacated an EPA rule that would have limited the amount of power plant pollution that drifts across state lines.

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Stl Public Radio
12:54 pm
Thu June 21, 2012

US Senate upholds limits on power plant air pollution

Originally published on Wed June 20, 2012 5:57 pm

Updated at 5:50 p.m. to add comments from Senator Roy Blunt.

The U.S. Senate has rejected a bill that would have done away with new federal limits on mercury and other toxic air pollutants from power plants.

The resolution introduced by Republican Senator James Inhofe would have eliminated the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards finalized by the Environmental Protection Agency in December.

Missouri’s senators were divided on the issue.

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Science, Health and Technology
6:25 pm
Fri June 15, 2012

E. coli reading high at Flat Branch Creek


Flat Branch Creek’s E. coli readings are much higher than the Environmental Protection Agency’s standards.

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Science, Health and Technology
11:08 am
Thu March 29, 2012

New strategy unveiled for Hinkson Creek cleanup

Clyde Bentley Flickr

A new strategy aimed at cleaning up Hinkson Creek was unveiled at a public meeting on Wednesday. The event was led by representatives of the Environmental Protection Agency, Missouri Department of Natural Resources, Boone County, City of Columbia and MU. 

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Science, Health and Technology
6:00 pm
Wed March 14, 2012

Environmental groups sue EPA to limit nutrient pollution

A coalition of environmental groups has filed two lawsuits against the EPA on Wednesday, March 14, 2012, seeking to limit nutrient pollution in the Mississippi River Basin and the Gulf of Mexico.
Christine Karim Creative Commons

A coalition of environmental groups has filed two lawsuits against the EPA, seeking to limit nutrient pollution in the Mississippi River Basin and the Gulf of Mexico.

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Science, Health and Technology
9:26 am
Fri February 10, 2012

Grant will help keep Columbia creeks clean

Bill Bumgarner flikr

Boone County and the City of Columbia are using a grant from the Environmental Protection Agency to study storm-water runoff into Bear Creek, north of I-70. A task force will focus on reducing pollutants, which flow directly into the creek, untreated.  

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AM Newscasts
10:45 am
Thu January 12, 2012

Newscast for January 12, 2012

Regional news from the KBIA newsroom:

  • Winter weather advisory remains in effect until 6pm today
  • An Ameren plant in Missouri is a top-ten polluter in the US

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Science, Health and Technology
9:05 am
Thu January 12, 2012

Ameren's Labadie plant named a top greenhouse-gas emitter by EPA

A map showing the numbers and locations of Missouri greenhouse gas emitters included in the new EPA data set.
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Ameren’s coal-fired power plant in Labadie is among the top ten greenhouse gas emitters in the country. That’s according to data released today [on Wednesday] by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Véronique LaCapra reports, from St. Louis.

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Science, Health and Technology
8:28 am
Thu December 22, 2011

EPA toughens air pollution standards for power plants

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has finalized the first-ever national standards to reduce toxic air emissions from coal and oil-fired power plants. As St. Louis Public Radio's VERONIQUE LACAPRA reports, the new protections will mean big changes for Missouri.

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