4:09 pm
Mon March 19, 2012

Photos from Digest This: Farm and food controversies

Harum Helmy KBIA

How do consumers make decisions about what they consume? And, how are the various stakeholders attempting to shape those thoughts about food? Host Reuben Stern spoke with four experts with diverse views about the messages and motives behind these controversies in this special Intersection event, 

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5:24 pm
Fri February 10, 2012

Politicians meet in Columbia, talk flooding

Kansas City District Flickr

State and federal leaders are gathering in Columbia tomorrow to talk about ways to prevent last year’s devastating floods in northwest and southeastern Missouri.

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Health & Wealth Blog
8:36 am
Mon January 23, 2012

Getting kids to eat their broccoli: interview with Marion Nestle

Writer Marion Nestle.

In this extended interview with food and nutrition writer Marion Nestle, we discuss Michelle Obama's anti-childhood obesity campaign, what food companies are doing to fight it, and how to get kids to eat their broccoli.

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Flood victim found
9:23 am
Fri January 13, 2012

Trooper's body found in NW Missouri

Fred Guthrie, Jr.
Photo courtesy Missouri Highway Patrol

The body of a Missouri highway patrolman who disappeared while watching over flooded areas last summer was found Thursday not far from the original search area, authorities said.

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KCUR's Up to Date
3:44 pm
Tue January 10, 2012

Nutrition facts: What do those labels mean?

NuVal scores on orange juice at a Hyvee grocery store in Columbia, MO.
Jessica Naudziunas KBIA

If you've been to a Hy-Vee grocery store recently, chances are you've seen some numbers right next to the price of an item of food.

It's a "NuVal" - a nutritional value placed on each and every food product. 

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