Higher Revenues Lead Missouri Governor to Release Funds

Apr 3, 2015
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  State building repairs, technology startups, local libraries and university programs are among the recipients sharing $43 million dollars in funding released by Missouri's governor.

Governor Nixon releases $5.6 million in withheld funds

Nov 6, 2014
jay nixon
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Governor Jay Nixon has released more than $5.6 million in withheld funds. Nixon withheld the money in June to balance the state's budget and decided to release it on Wednesday. The budget was $800 million out of balance. This money will be set aside for scholarships, library programs, pharmacy assistance and technology startups. Governor Nixon continues holding back a portion of the money for these programs.

Budgeters in Cole County face budget gap

Nov 1, 2012
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An underestimate of salaries from Cole County’s Emergency Medical Services department has a left a 72-thousand dollar gap in the budget, forcing the county to dig into its reserves.