gone girl


  The movie "Gone Girl" put Missouri in the cinema spotlight. But the state might not be able to attract other major motion picture companies with the end of the film production tax incentive program.

The program, offered by the Department of Economic Development, began in 1999. Since the program expired last November, Missourians have been concerned that the expiration will prevent revenue and publicity for the state of Missouri.

Film production companies that qualified could earn a credit up to 35% of the expended amount.

The Missouri Department of Economic Development is providing nearly $900,000 in tax credits to the makers of a movie filmed partly in Cape Girardeau.

The Southeast Missourian reports that 20th Century Fox, maker of "Gone Girl," spent nearly $3 million while filming in Missouri last fall. The state issues tax credits to qualified production companies for up to 35 percent of in-state expenditures, part of an effort to promote filming in Missouri.

Tafkabecky / Flickr

The southeast Missouri town of Cape Girardeau is buzzing about the possibility of a major motion picture filming there.