KBIA / Davis Dunavin

Visitors to the Marion County Courthouse in Hannibal are asking: What's that smell?

The Hannibal Courier-Post reports that a foul odor has permeated the courthouse recently, something akin to a dead animal, but no animal has been found.

Commissioners believe the smell may be decaying remains of pigeons that got into the building about a month ago through a broken window in the rotunda. Workers shooed out the pigeons at the time and replaced the window, but Presiding Commissioner Lyndon Bode says some of the pigeons may have been hidden from view and later died.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention / Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The bacteria that causes Legionnaires' disease has been found at a hotel in a popular Missouri tourist town, and health officials say one of three people who became ill after staying there has died.

A lone tree likely saved the life of a van driver after the vehicle plunged over a tall cliff in Hannibal — but failed to fall to the ground several hundred feet below after slamming into the tree.

The National Weather Service is forecasting major flooding along stretches of the Mississippi River north of St. Louis early next week. A map on its site is regularly updated with river stages.

Christine Karim / Creative Commons

The Mississippi River is on the way down at some hard-hit Midwestern towns.

Hannibal smoking ban sparks debate

Apr 5, 2012

A new smoking ban was passed in Hannibal after much debate between both city officials and community members.

It's well-known that Twain wrote extensively about the real people and places he found growing up in Hannibal, and many of Tom Sawyer's experiences were his experiences. As a companion piece to the Word Missouri feature Hannibal: living in the shadow of Twain, I traveled to three places that make appearances in his books to see how they've changed in the nearly two centuries since Twain's boyhood here. Click for photos and sound from each place. (Mark Twain re-enactor Jim Waddell provides Twain's voice.)