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Health & Wealth Update
12:20 pm
Wed December 11, 2013

Aiming For Bacon: A Day At A Meat Shoot

These paper cards serve as targets. Whoever hits closest to the black dot in the center or takes the most black wins. Judge Don Motzkus calls it “the luck of the pellets.”
(Maria Altman/St. Louis Public Radio)

Originally published on Mon December 9, 2013 8:58 am

The first thing you need to know about a meat shoot is that they don’t shoot animals.

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Health & Wealth Update
9:07 am
Wed December 4, 2013

Pilot Grove residents rally to bring back grocery store

Laurie Beach loads groceries into her car on Saturday, Nov. 9, 2013 in Pilot Grove, Mo. Beach is one of 23 community investors that helped open the grocery store.
Credit Bridgit Bowden / KBIA News


Listen to this week's Health & Wealth Update, featuring a report by KBIA reporter Bridgit Bowden.

The USDA estimates that more than 2 million people live in rural food deserts, or low-income communities more than 10 miles from a grocery store.  

Four years ago, the last grocery store in Pilot Grove, Mo., closed its doors, turning the town into a rural food desert.  The town had only a convenience store from which to bu food.   

That is, until 23 community investors came together to open Tyler's Market, a fully-stocked grocery store.  On the market's first day open, Pilot Grove residents gathered at the store.  


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Health & Wealth Update
4:05 pm
Wed May 8, 2013

Helping Missourians navigate the ACA marketplace will likely be a collaborative effort

Credit jfcherry / Flickr

Listen here for an interview with Stan Hudson, a health literacy expert and associate director of the Center for Health Policy at MU about the Marketplace Navigators program.

Many Missourians will likely need help navigating the Affordable Care Act's new health insurance marketplace that's set to go online by Oct. 1, but one analyst says there might not be enough time or federal funding to train those who can help.

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Health & Wealth Update
3:16 pm
Wed January 30, 2013

How Prop E did more than just stop Gov. Nixon from creating a state health exchange

More than sixty percent of Missouri voters favored Proposition E. The resulting enacted law restricts state employees from helping the federal government create a health exchange in the state, a required element of Affordable Care Act.
Missouri Secretary of State

Listen to this week's Health and Wealth Update.

 A new report by an MU policy analyst warns about the consequences of a ballot measure passed by Missouri voters last November.

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Health & Wealth Desk
5:42 pm
Tue November 13, 2012

Farm bill is more than subsidies and food stamps

These tomato and salvia plants are growing in bio-renewable pots in a greenhouse at Iowa State University, which received a grant through the Farm Bill to study replacements for petroleum-based plastic pots.
Amy Mayer Harvest Public Media

Beyond subsidies and food stamps, what’s in the farm bill?

With the election over, lawmakers are now returning to Washington for the final weeks of the 112th Congress. Their schedule is packed, but House majority leader Eric Cantorhas said addressing the expired Farm Bill is on the agenda.

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Health & Wealth Update
11:43 am
Wed October 31, 2012

The cost of connecting doctors with rural patients electronically

Telehealth locations throughout Missouri are pinned and labelled on a map on Sept. 20 at the University Hospital in Columbia.
Lee Jian Chung KBIA

A shortage of rural health care professionals throughout the state has health systems connecting with patients in remote areas through telehealth.

At the University Hospital in Columbia, telehealth coordinator Samuel Woodard thumbs a remote which sends a camera at the far end of the room spinning around to face him. His co-workers at the Missouri Telehealth Network offices across town appear on the screen.

“Hey Katie, how’s it going? We’re just going over the equipment, showing him how the telehealth unit works.” Woodard says.

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Health & Wealth Update
5:31 pm
Tue October 23, 2012

Telehealth can connect rural areas with medical care

Missouri Telehealth Network coordinator Samuel Woodard holds up an otoscope, a tool used for examining the inside of an ear canal, which is able to provide a live feed to a television screen on Sept. 20 at the University Hospital in Columbia.
Lee Jian Chung KBIA

In September, the state awarded grants to eleven rural Missouri hospitals to improve broadband internet connections speeds. The connection would be used for telehealth, a way rural towns access physicians in bigger cities electronically. KBIA’s Lee Jian Chung brings us the first of a two part series on the expansion of telehealth services in Missouri.

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Health & Wealth Update
9:25 am
Wed August 8, 2012

New autism guide helps parents and providers sift through mountains of research

Kim Ratcliffe thumbs through the autism interventions guide.
Jacob Fenston KBIA

As more and more children are diagnosed with autism, there's also a lot more research on the disorder.  Now, a new guidebook can help Missouri parents and people who work with kids on the autism spectrum sort through it all.

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Health & Wealth Update
11:33 am
Wed July 11, 2012

Half a million Missourians to gain insurance under health care law

Percentage of Missourians Under Age 65 Who Were Uninsured in 2009, by County,

In Missouri, an estimated 835,000 people don't have health insurance – that's about 14 percent of the state's population. But in the next couple of years, that figure is going to change. Now that the U.S. Supreme Court has upheld most of the federal health care law, about half a million Missourians will join the rolls of the insured – either through Medicaid, the private insurance market, or with the help of subsidies provided by the federal government. The percentage of uninsured will drop to five percent of the population.

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Health & Wealth Update
7:05 am
Wed July 4, 2012

Missouri Medicaid expansion up in the air

"A victory for people all over this country whose lives will be more secure because of this law and the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold it."

After last week's Supreme Court decision upholding most of the Affordable Care Act, President Obama declared victory. But there was one major gray cloud -- or silver lining, depending on your point of view -- leaving open the question of Missouri's participation in the expansion of Medicaid envisioned by the federal health care law.

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Health & Wealth Update
10:28 am
Wed June 13, 2012

Missouri's meth addiction, part two

KOMU News Flikr

In 2011, Missouri law enforcement busted about five meth labs each day on average – almost double the number of any other state. The state spends more than $2 million dollars a year on cleanup of these labs, and millions more on incarceration, child care, and drug treatment.

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Health & Wealth Update
7:05 am
Wed May 30, 2012

Pumkpins, melons and corn

Jacob Fenston KBIA

Columbia has lots of community gardens, and several school gardens. But school-community gardens? On Tuesday at Ridgewood Elementary, the school and community worked together to start planting the city's first community garden at a public school.

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Health & Wealth Update
10:40 am
Wed May 23, 2012

'Cocaine? No thanks!'

Boone County courthouse.
Jacob Fenston KBIA

Back in the late 1980s, while the nation was in the grips of the war on drugs, some courts started experimenting with alternative sentencing programs they hoped would be cheaper and more effective than incarceration.  This week, the most recent batch of offenders graduated from the Boone County drug court, which is seen as a national role-model.

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Health & Wealth Update
12:13 pm
Wed May 16, 2012

7000 miles bicycling and banjo-ing against war

Jacob George, on the Katy Trail in Hartsburg, en route to Chicago.
Jacob Fenston KBIA

Afghan war veteran Jacob George is a self-proclaimed hillbilly farmer from the Ouachita Mountains in Arkansas. After three tours as a combat engineer, he now spends his days bicycling around the country protesting U.S. military involvement in Afghanistan. He recently passed through Missouri on his way to protest the NATO summit taking place in Chicago next week.

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Health & Wealth Update
6:28 pm
Wed May 9, 2012

Long distance running, one state at a time

Chris Nicholas.
Jacob Fenston KBIA

Planning a road-trip this summer? In this week's Health & Wealth update, the best way to see the country might be to run across it.

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