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Labor Day Weekend
5:13 pm
Tue September 3, 2013

Holiday weekend causes increased traffic throughout Missouri

Missouri recorded an increase in highway and waterway traffic and fatalities over Labor Day weekend. There were seven fatalities in car accidents in Missouri over the holiday weekend from a total of 248 traffic crashes.

Although the number of deaths matched the number from last year’s holiday, it was still an increase over a typical weekend. State Highway Patrol officers said that most accidents occurred on state highways, which saw the biggest increase in traffic due to the holiday. There were many factors that caused heavy traffic and accidents over the weekend.

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4:54 pm
Wed April 17, 2013

Mo. State Highway Patrol tries to increase diversity

Jacob Fenston KBIA

The Missouri State Highway Patrol is making an effort to diversify its ranks. Jennifer Davidson has more.

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5:42 pm
Wed January 30, 2013

Mo. Highway Patrol head answers questions about $5.6M state airplane

Marshall Griffin/St. Louis Public Radio

Originally published on Thu January 31, 2013 2:57 pm

The superintendent of the Missouri State Highway Patrol is defending the agency’s purchase of a new airplane.

Colonel Ron Replogle told House budget writers that it was his idea to buy the $5.6 million aircraft.  More than one committee member asked him about the quick timetable on the plane’s purchase, as the bid went out around December 6th and was awarded on the 17th.  Replogle says Beechcraft was offering a discount on that particular King Air 250 because it was a year-old model.

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4:48 pm
Wed January 23, 2013

Legislators question state's purchase of $5.6M airplane

Governor Jay Nixon
File Photo KBIA

Some Republicans in the State Senate are expressing outrage that the Missouri Highway Patrol spent more than $5.5 million on a new airplane that could be used by Democratic Governor Jay Nixon and other elected state officials. 

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2:00 pm
Tue August 7, 2012

Health insurance cost changes being considered for State Troopers, MoDOT workers

Marshall Griffin/St. Louis Public Radio

Originally published on Mon August 6, 2012 4:43 pm

Missouri transportation officials are considering a proposal to restructure how much MoDOT workers and State Troopers pay for their life and health insurance.

Currently, the cost percentage varies, based on several individual factors.  Rudolph Farber chairs the state Highways and Transportation Commission.  He says the proposal they’re considering would have all employees pay the same percentage.

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5:28 pm
Tue July 3, 2012

Troopers to watch for distracted drivers on the 4th

Originally published on Tue July 3, 2012 5:01 pm

Troopers with the Missouri State Highway Patrol and the Illinois State Police are urging motorists to keep their eyes on the road this holiday week.

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Science, Health and Technology
4:47 pm
Tue June 26, 2012

Traffic fatalities rising according to MoDOT

Ryan Famuliner KBIA file photo

The State Department of Transportation says traffic fatalities in Missouri are increasing after falling for six straight years.

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Science, Health and Technology
9:44 am
Fri January 13, 2012

Understanding Amber Alerts

Friday is National Amber Alert Day.  Law enforcement officials across the nation are recognizing the importance of the Amber Alert System, which is a high-speed, high-tech way of alerting the public when a child has been abducted. According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, there’s been some misunderstanding about the criteria that must be met before the alert can go out.

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