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Brazil's senate vote to begin an impeachment trial against suspended President Dilma Rousseff is a turning point in the country's democracy. On this edition of Global Journalist, a panel of Brazil experts debate and discuss whether Rousseff's impeachment is a step out of political crisis, or a step towards a constitutional abyss.

A Missouri House committee has wrapped up hearings into three articles of impeachment against Gov. Jay Nixon but has yet to vote on them. Judiciary Committee Chairman Stanley Cox , R-Sedalia, says he'll seek input from the rest of the committee before deciding whether to hold a vote on the three impeachment articles. "Obviously we need to make a decision very (soon)," Cox told reporters after the hearings ended. "I would have to officially call (another) meeting to go into executive session,...

Nixon impeachment hearings began this week. Not THAT Nixon. Not President Richard Milhous, who resigned 40 years ago this August rather than face House votes on three articles of impeachment. This time, the Nixon under discussion is Gov. Jeremiah Wilson “Jay,” who remains very much in power as a Missouri House committee begins consideration of three articles of impeachment against him. Beyond the jolt of déjà vu you might get from the headline, there’s little to connect the political drama of...

Hearings began Wednesday on three articles of impeachment against Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon . All three resolutions are sponsored by Republican House members. First, House Resolution 380 accuses the Democratic governor of violating the state's ban on same-sex marriage when he ordered the Department of Revenue to accept joint income tax filings from gay couples living in Missouri but married in other states. State Rep. Nick Marshall , R-Parkville, sponsored the resolution. "It's clear — Missouri...

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A Republican-led Missouri House committee is holding a hearing on multiple measures seeking to impeach Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon. The hearing on three separate impeachment resolutions includes one citing Nixon's decision to allow same-sex couples who married legally in other states to file joint tax returns in Missouri. Another measure is critical of the amount of time the governor took to call special elections to fill legislative vacancies. The final measure under consideration by the...

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A Republican-led Missouri House committee plans to hold a hearing on measures seeking to impeach Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon.

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A mid-Missouri Board of Aldermen voted to drop efforts to impeach one of the board's members. Ashland Mayor Gene Rhorer cast a tie-breaking vote Monday night to drop seven articles of impeachment against Jeff Anderson. The board also dropped its contract with an impeachment attorney. An impeachment hearing for Anderson was scheduled for Jan. 31.

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A Missouri House Republican says he intends to seek articles of impeachment against Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon.