8:17 am
Fri April 4, 2014

Discussion: Muslim Women In The Islamic World

Mehnaz Afridi, assistant professor of religious studies at Manhattan College.

Originally published on Mon March 31, 2014 4:23 pm

In Western media, we hear reports that Muslim women are relegated to a second class, largely powerless status and are denied education, independence and employment. We hear stories of women brutalized and abused.  

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1:38 pm
Sat October 19, 2013

A traditional goat slaughter: Sounds and images of Eid

Hassan Yusuf and some of his family chat with farmers near Tebbetts, Mo., as a goat is loaded into the tractor. They were using the goat for a religious tradition.
Ryan Schuessler, Columbia Faith & Values KBIA

Viewer and listener discretion: Some of the images below contain blood and show the slaughtering of a goat. The audio includes moments of this, as well, though we've made sure it's not gratuitous.

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8:00 am
Sat October 12, 2013

What comes after death in the Abrahamic faiths?

Gravestones at Jewell Cemetery State Historic Site in Columbia.
Katy Mersmann, Columbia Faith & Values

  When Rashed Nizam went home to Bangladesh this spring, he knew his father was close to death.

“All his life he was healthy,” Nizam said. But now, he was 90 years old. When Nizam got there, he could tell his father’s last moment was coming – he just didn’t know exactly when.

He prepared his family: “I said, ‘OK, you recite Quran, you say all the good, things, reminding him.’”

Two days later, on May 1, his father died.

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Global Journalist
6:30 pm
Thu February 7, 2013

Global Journalist: Why jihadists are taking root in North Africa

French soldiers patrol with units of the Malian army in Sévaré, Mali.
Jeremy Lempin AP Images

The recent hostage crisis at a gas plant in Algeria, and Islamist violence in Mali, both illustrate the reach of jihadist movements in Northern Africa.

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7:00 am
Sat January 5, 2013

Columbia mosque faces imam shortage and funding challenges

Men kneel in worship as another sings the call to prayer at the Islamic Center of Central Missouri. Even though the mosque does not have an official imam, or prayer leader and scholar, members of the community step up to perform the role, like the call to
Ryan Schuessler, ColumbiaFAVS KBIA

Since 2008, the Islamic Center of Central Missouri has been without an imam – a central community leader in Islam. Although Columbia’s Muslim community has found ways to stay active, it is without a formally trained spiritual leader.

Imams lead prayers, serve as religious scholars and assist with weddings and lectures, among other things.

Without an imam, “You won’t have someone who you can ask questions to frequently,” mosque Secretary Rafa Nizam said. “The access to knowledge might not be as easy.”

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