Jefferson City Council approves 2014 city budget

Sep 5, 2013
Jefferson City aerial view
/ Missouri Department of Tourism

The Jefferson City Council officially approved the 2014 city budget at its meeting on Tuesday. 

Missouri Department of Tourism

Jefferson City leaders have approved a tentative budget for fiscal year 2014, and the budget would eliminate all funding for the city’s only public access television station. JCTV, which broadcasts city council meetings and other public programming, would lose all funding from the city under the tentative budget.  This comes as Columbia’s public access channel, CAT-TV, may also lose its funding from the city of Columbia because of an expiring contract with the city.  

Jefferson City Council approves $31 million budget

Sep 20, 2012
File Photo / Flickr

The Jefferson City Council approved the 2013 city budget on Monday.

Councilman Ralph Bray says it took the council over a month to come up with the $31 million budget.

“We were able to be more efficient by making cuts through all the different departments and kind of redirect some funds to programs that needed funding and programs that are working, making Jefferson City a better place to live,” Bray says.