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Jefferson City School Board Looking for More Transparency

Mar 22, 2016
Jefferson City Public Schools

Some members of The Jefferson City School Board are pushing for more transparency.

Jefferson City Announces new High School Principal

Feb 19, 2015
Jefferson City Public Schools

Jefferson City Public School’s announced Tuesday that Robert James will be the new principal of Jefferson City High School effective July 1st, 2015.

standardized test
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Another year of college applications has begun, but some Jefferson City school board members are less concerned with the applications than test preparation.

The board met Monday night to discuss the low, nine-student enrollment in an ACT prep class this past summer, exploring reasons for why the program is struggling. Members discussed higher tuition costs as a possible result of lower interest in preparing for the ACT test.  

Jefferson City schools plan tax levy to address debt

Jun 20, 2013
Jefferson City High School girls track
Jefferson City High School

The Jefferson City School Board is planning to increase the school tax levy for the first time in four years. According to the board’s preliminary budget, the current tax levy will increase by a little more than a cent – or about $5 per year, per home valued at $150,000. About the average value in Jefferson City.

According to a Jefferson City Public Schools press release four students were taken to the hospital after an accident involving a school bus and a car Friday morning near Lewis and Clark Middle School. The district says police and school officials went to the scene after the accident at approximately 7:30 Friday morning, and determined three of the 39 students on board needed to go to the hospital. They were transported in an ambulance. Jefferson City police say the injuries to the three students were minor.