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On a special edition of Global Journalist, Meredith Artley, editor in chief of CNN Digital, talks about the impact of social media on the news, competing with start-ups like BuzzFeed, and envisions a future of immersive news. CNN Digital, the world's most viewed online news site in 2015, was recently awarded a Missouri Honor Medal for distinguished contributions to journalism.

On this special edition of Global Journalist, CBS News' White House correspondent Bill Plante examines the changes to the news business and the biggest stories of his 52-year career. Plante, a 2015 recipient of the Missouri Honor Medal and numerous other journalism awards, has covered every presidential campaign since 1968.


More and more companies, especially in the media, are trying to find new ways to attract millennials. And one former University of Missouri student is going directly to the source with her new journalism tech start-up, run by and for millennials.

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As a co-host of NPR's flagship "All Things Considered," Audie Cornish 's voice is heard by 12 million people everyday. On a special edition of Global Journalist, she takes us behind the scenes of one of the most influential radio shows in the U.S. and talks about the future of public radio.

In the last 24 hours I’ve seen journalists all over the country grappling with the senseless murder of two TV journalists working in Roanoke, VA. Many of us see ourselves in them: young, energetic, aspiring. Taking on the crummy hours because it’s worth it to get your start on your career, knowing you won’t win any awards for your routine assignments. Because this one hits so close to home, many journalists have posted their reflections on social media and blogs, some changing their profile...

The New York Times has had to walk back its story on a "criminal" probe of Hillary Clinton's private email server while the paper is vigorously defending another of its exclusives...on abuses in the nail salon industry. The first Republican presidential debate is only a week away. Some wonder whether all the scrambling to meet the Fox News criteria for inclusion is worth the trouble. More bad news for the newspaper business: major layoffs and poor performance with minority employment. Media companies are embracing a new revenue source that raises ethical questions. And research shows "visual" news sites are more successful.

With This Missouri Teacher, The Lesson Is Live

Mar 11, 2015

Each weekday morning, promptly at 7:20 a.m., Robyn King's students go live. "Are we ready?" King asked on a recent Monday, holding up a single finger pointed at two wide-eyed students sitting at a desk in front of a tripod-mounted iPad. "OK, here we go." King teaches Journalism and Broadcast Media at Truman High School in Independence, Mo. Besides writing stories for the school's online newspaper and making the annual yearbook, her students produce the school's live daily announcements,...

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My longest job ever was just under four years. It's hard for me to fathom working in the same place for ten years. It is a rarity these days to find someone who has stayed in the same job for more than a decade. This week's guest on Thinking Out Loud has worked for 53 years in the mid-Missouri television market. Forty-seven of those years he has spent with one organization. This week on Thinking Out Loud , we talk with KRCG Anchor and News Producer Dick Preston.

Honoring the Kyiv Post

Jan 8, 2015
Kyiv Post

This episode of Global Journalist is audio only. We interviewed Brian Bonner and Katya Gorchinskaya of the Kyiv Post , which received a 2014 Missouri Honor Medal, about their careers and the future of journalism. The Kyiv Post is an English language, independent newspaper that became a prime source of information for the west when Russian actions in Ukraine escalated.

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Catch our show today at 6:30pm on KBIA Terrorists Kill 12 at Paris Paper
Three gunmen killed 12 people and injured several more at a weekly Paris newspaper that has satirized Islam and the prophet Mohammed. Nicholas Vinocur and Antony Paone, Reuters, " At least 12 dead in Paris attack on satirical newspaper " Maia de la Baume and Dan Bilefsky, International New York Times, " Gunmen in Paris Kill 12 at Offices of Satirical Newspaper Charlie Hebdo " Times vs. Tribune The Columbia Daily...

The University of Missouri is known for it’s School of Journalism. Every year, hundreds of freshmen from across the country come to school at MU to learn about news or sports broadcasting. But KBIA’s Jason Hoffman found one freshman who’s career in sports radio has an added challenge: He's blind.

Censorship in Turkey

Oct 23, 2014
turkey protest
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After 11 years as prime minister, Recip Tayyip Erdogan became Turkey's first directly-elected president in August. Under Erdogan’s tenure, Turkey’s economy has grown significantly. The country’s main minority group, the Kurds, have gained new rights. And a military with a history of meddling in politics has been kept in its barracks. But press freedom groups like Reporters Without Borders and the Committee to Protect Journalists have consistently criticized efforts by Erdogan’s AK Party to...

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On this week's program, we are looking at VICE. No – not the bad habits we all have – but the media organization that is challenging common perceptions of what is and isn't journalism. Our guests: Michael Calderone, the senior media correspondent for The Huffington Post and an adjunct professor at New York University Rick Edmonds, a media business analyst at the Poynter Institute Alexander Kaufman, an associate business editor for The Huffington Post Unfortunately, our producers have been in...

The New York Times

The New York Times this week ran a series of editorials calling on the federal government to repeal the ban on marijuana. A brave, game-changing move that shows the country's leading newspaper acting like one, or just another sign of how behind public opinion the mainstream media are these days? And what difference will it make? The Editorial Board, The New York Times, " Repeal Prohibition, Again " Andrew Rosenthal, The New York Times, " Some Background on Our 'High Time' Series " Tony Newman...

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While Western media have for days been focusing on Russian-backed separatists as the culprits behind the missile attack on MH 17 over eastern Ukraine, the people of Russia have been hearing different stories from their government-controlled media.

Misdeeds, misdemeanors, miscommunications: Life lessons from MoJo commentators on KBIA

Dec 18, 2013

In this recent series of commentaries for, Missouri student journalists recount a few of life’s confusing lessons. Led by Missouri School of Journalism Professor and storytelling master Berkley Hudson, these 11 student commentators took not only pen to paper but also got in front of the microphone, to talk out these essays that touch on life, relationships, growing up and striking out, among other issues. Enjoy! First up: Living in a larger city has its conveniences, but they don’t...

The past week has been a busy one for stories about national security and how the media have handled those stories. A judge rules the National Security Agency's phone records collection program is probably unconstitutional. Meanwhile, the plaintiff in that lawsuit gets into an on-air battle with a CNN anchor and analyst. 60 Minutes airs what many critics consider a puff piece on the NSA. The AP and Washington Post publish a story connecting a missing American to a rogue CIA program in Iran....

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Many media and journalism-school types have been following the dustup over KPLR anchor/reporter Melanie Moon's behavior while covering the Ryan Ferguson press conference earlier this week right after his release from prison. Joy Mayer at the Columbia Missourian cataloged the exchange with Moon in this Storify , so you'll need to read that first for this piece to make much sense. As Mayer has pointed out , many news outlets and twitterers are focusing on the ethical conversation around Moon hugging Ryan Ferguson and his father Bill, and taking a photograph with Ryan at the press conference. This is an interesting conversation, and the area of journalism ethics is blurry sometimes. But the more important conversation to have here really is the area that is not blurry: one about good, responsible journalism. Just to get this out of the way briefly here, I'm going to side with the curmudgeons on the hug, and say for a variety of reasons that is unprofessional. I'm not calling for a ban on journalist hugs, but I will summarize by saying I think intention is important. Hugs for consolation can make sense in some circumstances, for celebration, not so much. I would contend that if you're doing your job right as a journalist you will already have boundaries that make interactions like this something you'll never feel comfortable with. I also will emphasize the importance of avoiding the appearance of conflict of interest, and the Society of Professional journalists would back me up on that one.

Obama rodeo clown: getting the details right Laura Clawson, Daily Kos: " Missouri state fair sends out rodeo clown in Obama mask, saying 'We're going to stomp Obama now' " Al Jazeera: " Missouri fair bans clown wearing Obama mask " David A. Lieb, Associated Press: " Head of Mo. rodeo group resigns, cites Obama clown " Tony Messenger, St. Louis Post-Dispatch: " FOUL: Is Missouri really better than the rodeo clown? Evidence says no " Mary Sanchez, opinion column, Kansas City Star: " Rodeo clown...

The Bradley Manning Verdict Ed Pilkington, The Guardian: " Bradley Manning cleared of 'aiding the enemy' but guilty of most other charges " Medina Roshan, Reuters: " Bradley Manning verdict: Judge finds soldier in WikiLeaks case not guilty of aiding the enemy " Mark Sherman, AP: " US pursuit of leakers aided by Manning verdict " Merger to Create World's Biggest Ad Agency Tanzina Vega, The New York Times: " Two Ad Giants Chasing Google in Merger Deal " Judann Pollack, Ad Age: " What Clients...

The Son cover story royal baby The Sun newspaper
UK's The Sun Newspaper

"It's a Boy!" Jessica Elgot, The Huffington Post-United Kingdom: " Royal Baby: CNN's Victoria Arbiter Congratulates Kate For Having A Boy 'First Time' " Park MacDougald, Foreign Policy: " British Reporters Might Be Covering the Royal Baby, But They Want You to Know They Don't Like It " BBC: " Royal baby preoccupies world media " Terrorist or Rock Star? David Abel and Martin Finucane, The Boston Globe: " Disgust, outrage greet news of Tsarnaev cover in Boston " Travis Anderson, The Boston...

The Zimmerman Verdict: Media Lessons Dana Ford, CNN: "Juror: ' No doubt' that George Zimmerman feared for his life " Dashiell Bennett, The Atlantic: " Zimmerman Juror Drops Her Plans to Write Book " Carolyn Pesce, USA TODAY: " 4 Zimmerman jurors: Juror B-37 doesn't speak for us " Shoshana Davis, CBS News: " Juror account could 'significantly impact' DOJ inquiry " Bill Carter, The New York Times: " Zimmerman Verdict Drew 10 Million to Cable TV News " Pew Research Center for the People &...

Zimmerman Trial Dominates Cable News Jack Shafer, Reuters: " In praise of tabloid TV " Jay Rosen, Pressthink: " Criticizing CNN: Goodbye to that " Mike Schneider, AP: " George Zimmerman Trial: Social Media Infiltrates Trial " David Freddoso, Washington Examiner: " George Zimnmerman coverage obscures TV editors' news judgment " Calling It a Coup: Egypt Through the Media Lens Al Jazeera: " Egypt In Turmoil " (special section) AP: " Al-Jazeera kicked out of Egypt news conference " Kareem Fahim,...

New media law angers journalists in Ecuador

Jun 27, 2013
Dolores Ochoa / Associated Press

Ecuador’s government made international news for two actions recently. The country's foreign minister met with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange at its London embassy. Assange took refuge in Ecuador’s embassy to avoid extradition to Sweden, where he faces questioning for alleged sexual assaults.

Edward Snowden empty Aeroflot seat
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Supremes' Big Rulings The Washington Post: " The Supreme Court's gay marriage decision: Live updates " Jess Bravis, The Wall Street Journal: " Justices Take Pass on Texas Affirmative-Action Case " Lawrence Hurley, Reuters: " Supreme Court guts key part of landmark Voting Rights Act " Michael D. Shear, The New York Times: " As Social Media Swirl Around It, Supreme Court Sticks to Its Analog Ways " Brian Stelter, The New York Times: " Media Gets It Right -- This Time " Snowden's Helpers Oren...

Digital Snooping: The Original Stories Glenn Greenwald, Ewen MacAskill and Spencer Ackerman, The Guardian: " NSA collecting phone records of millions of Verizon customers daily " Barton Gellman and Laura Poitras, The Washington Post: " U.S., British intelligence mining data from nine U.S. Internet companies in broad secret program " The Leaker Glenn Greenwald, Ewen MacAskill and Laura Poitras, The Guardian: " Edward Snowden: the whistleblower behind the NSA surveillance revelations " Michael...

Chicago Newspaper Guild ad photographer layoffs
Chicago Newspaper Guild

Sun-TImes Fires Photographers Carla K. Johnson, AP: " Chicago Sun-Times Lays Off Photography Staff " Robert Feder blog: " Memo to Sun-Times Editorial Staff from Managing Editor Craig Newman " Rob Hart's Tumbler: " Laid off from the Sun-Times " Alex Garcia, Chicago Tribune: " The Idiocacy of Eliminating a Photo Staff " Mathew Ingram, paidContent: " The painful realities behind the demise of the Chicago Sun-Times photo desk " Jeff Jarvis, BuzzMachine: " To the dauntless lensmen " Storm Chasers...

DOJ Leak Probes: The Fallout Mike Allen's Playbook, Politico: " Holder to Meet with Bureau Chiefs " Dylan Byers, Politico: " Eric Holder's 'remorse' " Daniel Klaidman, The Daily Beast: " Holder's Regrets and Repairs " Peter Scheer, Huffington Post: " Leak Investigation of Fox News' James Rosen Crosses Red Line by Seizing Contents of Emails, not Just Data " Walter Pincus, The Washington Post: " Circling the media wagons " Larry Conners and the IRS Joe Holleman, St. Louis Post-Dispatch: " Fired...

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In the past decade, Pakistan’s media has become larger, more powerful and more independent. The number of private television channels has grown from just three state-run channels in 2000 to 89 in 2012. But the challenges to practicing journalism are also growing.

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China’s new leadership will soon set the agenda for the world’s most populous country for the next decade. Changes in the Communist government’s top tier could affect censorship practices — and make it either easier or harder for journalists to report on Chinese issues.