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Boone Courthouse

Democratic Governor Jay Nixon and Republican challenger Dave Spence both oppose a ballot measure that would give the governor greater power in picking Missouri's top judges.

A November ballot measure would change the seven-person panel that nominates judicial candidates to the governor. It would increase the number of citizens named to the panel by the governor to four instead of three, with the rest selected by an attorneys' association. It also would increase the number of judicial nominees the panel submits to the governor to four instead of three.

Support dwindles for Amendment 3

Oct 3, 2012
Kyle Stokes / KBIA

A Missouri ballot measure proposing to change how judges are appointed is losing support. Amendment 3’s supporters say they don’t like the summary that will appear on the ballot.

Amendment 3 will show up on Missouri ballots come Nov. 6, but its supporters say they’re not happy with what voters will read about it.

Secretary of State Robin Carnahan wrote the summary of the amendment for the ballot, but supporters say the summary is misleading and filed suit.