U.S. Army

Services were held in northern Missouri this weekend for a soldier killed outside a military base in Jordan earlier this month.

Matthew Lewellen was one of three U.S. Army sergeants from the 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne) from Fort Campbell, Kentucky, killed in early November in a shooting outside the base in southern Jordan.

Kirksville Residents to Pay Higher Utilities in 2017

Oct 19, 2016
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Kirksville residents will pay about $2.00 more per month on their water and sewage utility bill next year.

The Kirksville City Council approved the increase in a 4-1 vote in order to make sure the city is generating enough revenue to run the system.

Every year the City of Kirksville takes a look at utilities to ensure costs are being covered effectively.

Utility Bill for Kirksville Residents Will Increase in 2017

Oct 18, 2016
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Kirksville residents will pay about $2.00 more per month on their water and sewage utility bill next year.

The Kirksville City Council approved the increase 4-1 in order to make sure the city is generating enough revenue to run the system.

Every year, the city of Kirksville takes a look at utilities to ensure costs are being covered effectively.

Kirksville Finance Director Lacy King wrote up the report detailing the utlility rates must be a set at a level so the city can “pay operations and maintenance costs, pay the principal and interest on State Revolving Loan Fund bonds, ensure the net operating revenues are equal to or greater than 110 percent of the annual debt service, provide sufficient reserves to pay debt of service, and provide sufficient reserves to pay debt service and to ensure protection and integrity of the systems.”

Downtown Kirksville Set For Makeover

Oct 27, 2015
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The city of Kirksville made the first draft last week of the Tax Increment Finance Commission, or “TIF,” in a step toward the improvement of the downtown area and local businesses.

The improvements will start by the end of this year with a focus on sidewalks and street repairs, according to Chair of the Commission Tony Fajkus.

Kirksville's city council has given the go-ahead for residents looking to downsize to a smaller — much smaller — home.

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  Thanks to a $35,000 grant, the Kirksville Area Technical Center will now be able to implement an engineering program for high school students. 

Kirksville Restricts Usage of Sea Containers for Storage

Apr 24, 2015
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  The Kirksville City Council approved a series of restrictions over the usage of sea containers - large metal boxes used as accessory buildings for storage – on April 20. Kirksville residential property owners will not be able to permanently use these containers for storage anymore.

Curtain Call Theatre Company to Have a Permanent House

Apr 7, 2015
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The Curtain Call Theatre Company in Kirksville will have a permanent space to perform its future productions. The Kirksville City Council approved on April 6 a special use permit for Curtain Call to use a former church located at 512. W. Elizabeth Street. The permit allows the group to use the church for three years with the option of renewal after request.

Mark Willis, the Curtain Call Theatre Company President, said they used to have to limit or cancel productions because there was no available space when they needed it.

Darren Hellwege / KBIA

This spring, KBIA's Thinking Out Loud visits some colleges and universities in our area that you may not know as much about as, say, the University of Missouri. This week, Darren Hellwege headed north from Columbia to check in with leaders at Truman State University in Kirksville, Missouri.

Kraft Foods plant in Kirksville to elminate 275 jobs

Nov 13, 2014

In a memo to employees the Kraft Foods/Oscar Mayer  stated it would phase out bacon production in Kirksville and move production to another plant in Ohio.

Joyce Hodel, a spokesperson at Kraft Foods, told KBIA in an email that they are looking at bringing in other production to their Kirksville facility, but they don’t have anything firm to share at this time.

Carolyn Chrisman, director of economic development in Kirksville, is worried about the potential loss of 275 jobs.

Kirksville City Council denies Keybox initiative

Oct 10, 2014
Fire truck
The Camerons

Kirksville City Council rejected the Kirksville Fire Department’s “keybox” initiative at the city council meeting Wednesday.  

Kirksville area recovers from severe storm

Sep 11, 2014
kirksville regional airport
City of Kirksville

The Kirksville area is recovering from a severe storm that swept through the area early Wednesday morning. The weather resulted in downed power lines, flooding, and power outages.

The Sherriff’s Department said there are no reported deaths or injuries directly related to the storm, although a public works employee was injured during cleanup yesterday, according to KTVO.

Adair County Sherriff Robert Hardwick encourages residents to always be prepared in case severe storms hit the area.

Missouri Storms

Sep 10, 2014
Thomas Bresson

A heavy rain storm left much of northern Missouri facing low-level flooding and cleaning up mostly minor damage caused by tornadoes and high winds.

The National Weather Service says 10 inches of rain was reported in Sullivan County near Browning early Wednesday, with 9 inches in Kirksville. Rainfall reports between 5 and 8 inches were common across northern Missouri, with many streets closed due to flooding.

A short section of Interstate 29 near Mound City was closed early Wednesday while stranded cars were removed.

Trevor Harris/KBIA

From 1914 to 1954 if you were black in Kirksville you attended the segregated Lincoln School. In this episode of Thinking Out Loud hear voices of Lincoln School alumni Clyde Johnson and a handful of local residents who want to see the Lincoln School building preserved. Some local visionaries imagine the school as a 21st century educational center for all residents of Kirksville.

Kirksville airport changes take flight

Apr 24, 2014
kirksville regional airport
City of Kirksville

Frequent flyers out of Kirksville may notice several changes at the airport over the coming year.

Propane shortage strikes Mid-Missouri

Feb 20, 2014
propane tank
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Some Kirksville residents are finding it hard to stay warm this winter due to a propane inventory shortage in the area.

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Kirksville City Council proposed a significant budget increase for the year 2014. 

The proposed 2014 budget for Kirksville includes $37.5 million in expenses and $24 million in revenue, with the difference coming from a multi-million dollar bond for water treatment facility upgrades voted on earlier this year.

The new budget features an increase of about $4.3 million. $7.5 million would be allocated toward upgrading the city’s wastewater treatment facility and improving the sewer systems.

A T Still university
A.T. Still University

Many universities are divided into emphasis areas to allow students to focus on their specific studies, but A. T. Still University in Kirksville is not. Their administrative faculty realized different emphasis areas work together to strengthen each other.

A T Still university
A.T. Still University

A new Kirksville dental school is seeking to ease a shortage of dentists in Missouri.

The Columbia Missourian reports that the Missouri School of Dentistry & Oral Health opened Tuesday at A.T. Still University. The only other dental school in the state is at the University of Missouri-Kansas City.

The new dental school's initial class of 42 includes only nine Missouri residents. But the school hopes that its health center placement program will persuade many of them to remain in state.

Regional news coverage from the KBIA newsroom, including

Kirksville Regional Airport gets new director

Sep 4, 2013
kirksville regional airport
City of Kirksville

Kirksville Regional Airport’s new director Glenn Balliew began his new job last week.

Balliew retired from the U.S. Army after most recently working as a deputy assistant commander in Fort Rucker, Ala. He has worked in the private airline industry for more than five years.

One of the challenges that Balliew will face at the smaller airport is attracting private and corporate flights to Kirksville. Balliew said that the number of planes at the Kirksville airport has been cut in half over the years, and bringing in business is difficult.

The AT Still Missouri School of Dentistry & Oral Health in Kirksville is scheduled to open October 1st, after receiving initial accreditation last week.

Dean Christopher Halliday says many people in rural areas such as Kirksville are underserved when it comes to dental care. He hopes the opening of the school will fix that issue.

“I want to raise the awareness with our students of the fact that there are huge segments of population in this country that just for whatever reason, for a variety of reasons,  don’t have access to oral health,” Halliday said.

City of Kirksville

The Kirksville City Council voted 3-2 Monday night to pass an ordinance that adds sexual orientation to its anti-discrimination policy. A similar ordinance failed on an earlier attempt in July, being shot down 3-2.

The deciding vote was Kirksville Mayor Richard Detweiler. He voted against the measure in July, and for it Monday night. Detweiler says it was a very difficult process that, looking back, he would have handled differently from the beginning.

401 (K) 2013 / FLICKR

 The city of Kirksville is paying a fine to the Environmental Protection Agency for failing to keep up on water inspections. The city is being fined because they did not follow the inspection guidelines at its industrial water treatment sites for the last several years.

Andrew Nichols / KBIA

The Kirksville City Council rejected Monday a proposed anti-discrimination ordinance that would have made discrimination based on sexual orientation illegal in employment, housing and public accommodation in Kirksville. 

The ordinance, which would have also created a 9-member commission to enforce Kirksville’s human rights laws, was defeated by the council with a 3-2 vote. 

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  • Doubts raised over Columbia teen curfew
  • USDA announces new school nutrition standards
  • Nixon signs bill against pharmacy requirements
  • Kirksville considers new anti-discrimination ordinance

Mike Jorgensen / Flickr

  Five colleagues of a former Boone County medical examiner are challenging his findings as a Kirksville man seeks a new trial in a woman's 1997 death.

Former medical examiner Jay Dix, who died in 2002, ruled that Wendy Wagnon died from suffocation. That led to the conviction of Jessie McKim and James Peavler in 1999.

Kirksville begins Downtown Strategic Plan

Oct 24, 2012

As Missouri’s Downtown Revitalization and Economic Assistance for Missouri, or DREAM initiative, comes to an end, Kirksville is beginning to create a Downtown Strategic Plan as part of the program’s last effort.

Kirksville is beginning the end processes of their Downtown Revitalization and Economic Assistance for Missouri initiative.

The State Department of Natural Resources designated Kirksville as a DREAM community in 2007.

Community Services Coordinator Sarah Halstead said the program has been beneficial to the city.

Construction begins on busy downtown Kirksville street

Oct 23, 2012

An eight-month construction project begins Monday on one of downtown Kirksville’s busiest streets. The “Franklin Streetscape Project,” in downtown Kirksville is projected to be completed by early next summer.

City Engineer Ed Ieans said the project is a joint effort between Truman State University and the City of Kirksville as a downtown beautification project.