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The Cole County Commission met today to discuss the possibility of creating a new 911 dispatch center. Marc Ellinger, the Presiding Commissioner for the Cole County Commission, said Cole County currently operates out of the Jefferson City Police Department 911 center.

“We are looking at all the options. We need to get a lot of information. Right now it seems like it’s potentially, fiscally a possibility to stand a separate 911 center but we need to get all of the information before making a decision. And that’s the process we’re embarking on now,” Ellinger said.

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The Cole County Commission voted 2-1 Tuesday to commit funds to an effort to bring a new airline to the Columbia Regional Airport.

Marc Ellinger is the presiding commissioner for the Cole County Commission.

He says the commission voted to give 100-thousand dollars to the escrow fund being used by a group attempting to bring a new airline to the local airport.

“We decided that this is something that was beneficial for Jefferson City, Cole County and the whole region and that it was a good idea for us to participate," Ellinger says.