meals on wheels

Paul Pepper: Jonetta Weaver, "Meals on Wheels"

Aug 21, 2015

Today Paul Pepper and JONETTA WEAVER talk about Meals on Wheels, an organization that has been in our community for 43 years! Have you ever wondered how it started? Would you like to be on the receiving end? How about becoming a driver? Never heard of Meals on Wheels? Get answers to those questions and more on today's show! August 21, 2015

The charity Meals on Wheels delivers roughly 100 meals a day to the elderly and the disabled throughout Columbia. Inclement weather, like last week’s snowstorm, forces the charity to reorganize its efforts.

Heart of Missouri United way targets the causes of poverty

Oct 18, 2012

Heart of Missouri United Way announced its new funding recipients Wednesday as part of its Community Impact model, which will shift focus from assisting those living in poverty to targeting causes of poverty.

Eight new agencies will receive funding next year, and some agencies will lose funding as Heart of Missouri United Way seeks to reduce need in poor communities, not just fill it.