memorial service

Columbia Remembers Former Mayor Rodney Smith

Feb 13, 2015

"The Anchor Holds" is a familiar church tune you would usually hear on Sunday afternoons, but this Friday afternoon it is a reminder of a major loss in the Columbia community.

Today family and friends paid their final respects to Columbia’s former Mayor Rodney Smith.

Memorial service honors firefighter Lt. Bruce Britt

Feb 27, 2014
Tony Nochim / KBIA

A memorial service was held at The Crossing Thursday in honor of Lieutenant Bruce Britt, who served on the Columbia Fire Department for 23 years and died in action last weekend.

Missouri Department of Corrections

Friends and family gathered in Woodcrest Chapel on Friday to honor the life of Tom Clements, the Colorado Department of Corrections executive director who was killed March 19.

Clements lived in Columbia for 27 years before moving to Colorado in 2011. He and his family attended Woodcrest for 15 of those years. Clements worked at the Missouri Department of Corrections for about three decades, working his way up from probation officer to director of the Division of Adult Institutions.