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Entomologists are predicting a noisy summer in Missouri as two broods of long-living cicadas emerge.

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Bald eagles in Missouri were taken off the federal endangered species list in 2007.

The road to recovery took nearly 30 years.  

The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) now reports that around 2,000 bald eagles spend part of the winter in the show me state.

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Thousands of bald eagles spend part of the winter in Missouri.  As winter approaches the eagles head south to eat fish from waterways that aren't frozen over as much as say, northern Minnesota.

Senate floor at the Missouri Capitol
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A Missouri Senate committee is considering legislation on the death penalty.

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The Missouri Department of Conservation is preparing to introduce popular sport fish into southwest Missouri's Bull Shoals Reservoir.

Striped bass were stocked on the Arkansas side of the sprawling lake in 1998. Now, MDC plans to do the same in the lake's northern reaches.

The agency says it will produce 16,000 striped bass fingerlings and stock the Missouri side of Bull Shoals with the fish every other year.

Striped bass are primarily an ocean fish native to the Atlantic coastal region and do not spawn naturally in Bull Shoals.