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12:09 pm
Thu June 5, 2014

What does the ‘right to farm’ mean in Missouri?

U.S. Rep. Vicky Hartzler supports the proposed "right to farm" amendment to Missouri's constitution.
Credit Kristofor Husted / KBIA

U.S. Congress members are throwing their support behind a proposed “right to farm” amendment in Missouri’s constitution. But critics are pointing to the measure’s ambiguous language as problematic.

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5:13 pm
Wed April 30, 2014

The end of Missouri’s dry season looks positive, especially for farmers

Credit USDA

Deadly arctic storms, freezing rains and thunderstorms, Missouri has seen it all so far this past spring. As we enter into warmer months, local farmers are hopeful for a good planting season.

Crops like wheat are planted a week before or after the first frost. Come late-March, early-May, rain is needed for moisture as the crops come out of dormancy.

“Moist soil helps to activate herbicides, if they’re being used, and that way they will better control the weeds that they’re trying to target,” said Kelly Smith, director of marketing commodities for the Missouri Farm Bureau.

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4:51 pm
Tue February 25, 2014

Missouri Farm Bureau holds annual Commodity Conference

Dan Manternack, Agricultural Services Director for Doane Advisory Services, speaks at Missouri Farm Bureau’s Commodity Conference and Legislative Briefing in Jefferson City on Tuesday Feb. 25. Missouri Farm Bureau holds the event yearly to inform farmers on farming issues and get them involved.
Credit Xiaosu Tian / KBIA

  The Missouri Farm Bureau’s annual Commodity Conference and Legislative Briefing brought over 200 Missouri farmers to Jefferson City Monday and Tuesday. Missouri Farm Bureau President Blake Hurst said the event is meant to help inform Missouri farmers of current issues in agriculture.

“Well we hope that they leave here both better prepared for the coming year to try and anticipate what the weather and markets might do, and also better informed about the policy issues that affect them, their farms and their local communities,” Hurst said.

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Missouri Environment
9:04 am
Tue February 18, 2014

Elk program pleases hunters, but not farmers

These two bull elk were among the first to arrive at Peck Ranch in May, 2011. They were outfitted with GPS collars for tracking purposes.
David Stonner Missouri Department of Conservation

In 2011, the Department of Conservation started reintroducing elk into the state of Missouri.  The elk were brought in from Kentucky and released onto land designated as the Elk Relocation Zone.  Part of this “zone” is conservation land in the Missouri Ozarks called Peck Ranch. 

Right now, there’s a herd of more than a hundred elk roaming around in the Missouri Ozarks.  But, you might not know it just by looking around.  You see, they’re actually kind of hard to find in the woods.

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7:55 am
Tue February 11, 2014

Propane users struggling in light of high prices and brutal winter

Credit ryochiji / Flickr

Missouri residents and farmers who buy propane using the market price have suffered as prices have increased to unusually high levels in recent weeks across the Midwest. 

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5:09 pm
Mon February 10, 2014

Columbia's Ronald McDonald House recieves food donations

Credit Hope Kirwan / KBIA

The Ronald McDonald House in Columbia received a donation of food from the Missouri Farm Bureau on Friday, February 7.

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Science, Health and Technology
4:53 pm
Fri August 30, 2013

Ag groups want Gov. Nixon to oppose Mo. River dredging

Credit File Photo / KBIA

Nearly a dozen Missouri agriculture groups sent a letter to Governor Jay Nixon this week calling for his support to oppose a dredging project in the Missouri River.

The project – near Arrow Rock, Missouri – was set up several years ago to create a shallow water habitat for several fish species including the pallid sturgeon – an endangered fish. Under the US Army Corps of Engineers plan, the soil excavated from the site would be deposited into the Missouri River.

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9:38 am
Mon March 18, 2013

Ag officials search for Missouri century farms

In southwest Kansas, baled hay sits in an open field.
Eric Durban Harvest Public Media

Agriculture officials want to recognize more Missouri farms that have been in the same family for at least 100 years.

More than 8,000 century farms have been honored since Missouri began the program in 1976 as part of the nation's bicentennial celebration.

The University of Missouri Extension says farms that have been in the same family since December 31st, 1913, can receive the distinction. Applications must be postmarked by May 15th.

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3:09 pm
Tue September 11, 2012

Mo. Farm Bureau PAC reaffirms Akin endorsement

(UPI/Bill Greenblatt)

Originally published on Tue September 11, 2012 4:45 pm

Will be updated.

The Missouri Farm Bureau political action committee announced that it's sticking by its endorsement of Congressman Todd Akin as he faces incumbent Claire McCaskill in the race for US Senate.

In a release to the media, FARM-PAC, made up of trustees from the farm bureaus in every Missouri county, say that they again "overwhelmingly" voted to support Akin.

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8:16 am
Mon September 3, 2012

Missouri Farm Bureau reconsiders Akin endorsement

One of Republican U-S Senate nominee Todd Akin’s key endorsements is now in jeopardy.

The Missouri Farm Bureau’s political action committee overwhelmingly endorsed Akin over Democratic incumbent Claire McCaskill, but that was before he made his controversial statement that a woman’s body can prevent pregnancy in cases of, quote, “legitimate rape.”  Chris Fennewald, who edits publications for the Missouri Farm Bureau, confirms that the Bureau’s county leaders are rethinking their endorsement of Akin.

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11:48 am
Fri August 31, 2012

Mo. Farm Bureau reconsidering Akin endorsement

Missouri Farm Bureau

Originally published on Fri August 31, 2012 4:21 pm

Missouri Farm Bureau members are reconsidering their endorsement of Republican Todd Akin for U.S. Senate

The Bureau’s FARM-PAC met earlier this month and endorsed Akin after hearing presentations from both he and Democratic incumbent Claire McCaskill.  Chris Fennewald, an editor for Missouri Farm Bureau publications, says the Bureau’s county leaders were polled this week, and the majority said that their endorsement of Akin should be reconsidered.

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PM Newscasts
6:20 pm
Fri August 10, 2012

Newscast for August 10, 2012

Regional news coverage from the KBIA Newsroom, including:

  • Missouri Farm Bureau endorses Akin and Spence
  • Gov. Nixon appoints Charlie Shields to the State Board of Education
  • New environmental concerns over an area north of St. Louis County
6:09 pm
Fri August 10, 2012

Missouri Farm Bureau endorses Akin

U.S. House of Representatives

Missouri’s two main US Senate hopefuls made pitches Friday to members of the Missouri Farm Bureau in Jefferson City. 

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5:18 pm
Fri August 10, 2012

GOP candidate Dave Spence receives nod from Missouri Farm Bureau


Democratic Missouri Governor Jay Nixon and his Republican challenger Dave Spence spent Friday persuading members of the Missouri Farm Bureau to give them their endorsement.  Nixon told them that he has sought relief for drought-plagued farmers, hawked Missouri farm products around the world, and stood up to his own party’s president over how much work kids can do on family farms.

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9:03 am
Thu June 7, 2012

The rural crime of cattle theft resurfaces in Missouri

High cattle prices and a struggling economy are to blame for a rise in cattle thefts throughout the state.

In late May, thieves stole thirteen cows from a Walnut Grove, Missouri farm. Rural Greene County in southwest Missouri has reported at least four cattle rustling cases with more than 100 missing cows this year. Kelly Smith is marketing and commodities director of the Missouri Farm Bureau. She says cattle rustling is a problem that has recently resurfaced: "It kind of peaked itself out probably in 2008 and 9, went away and has come back again. Where we see cattle rustling take place, typically is Southwest Missouri, where we see it happen a lot.”

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