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Jocelyn Augustino / FEMA Photo Library

Missouri is providing assistance to hurricane-damaged areas of the southeastern United States.

First, Missouri Task Force was deployed last week to central Georgia as Hurricane Matthew pounded the east coast.

On Monday the group was redirected to North Carolina to assist with flood rescues, according to its Facebook page. Missouri Task Force 1 is based in Columbia and is operated by the Boone County Fire Protection District.

Jocelyn Augustino / FEMA

Missouri is sending help to the southeastern part of the United States as Hurricane Matthew continues to damage coastal states.

According to a press release from the Boone County Fire Protection District, FEMA activated Missouri Task Force 1 Thursday evening to aid in relief efforts. Missouri Task Force 1 is an urban search and rescue team trained in everything from large building collapse searches to water rescues. The task force is bringing more than 40 personnel and 100,000 pounds of gear to help the affected states.

Task Force 1 gets State Funding for the First Time

Jun 23, 2016
Boone County Fire Protection District

A Boone County search and rescue force will receive state funds for the first time this year. Missouri Task Force 1 will get $1.25 million from the Missouri Department of Public Safety. $750,000 will be used for deployments in Missouri and $500,000 will go towards training.

Missouri Task Force 1 deployed to Colorado

Sep 17, 2013
Boone County Fire Protection District

Missouri Task Force 1 crews, a Columbia-based division of FEMA, have begun a search and rescue mission in Loveland, Colo., to assist with rescue efforts as a result of recent flooding. NPR reports 15 counties across Colorado's Front Range have been hit by historic flooding that has killed at least seven people, and forced nearly 12,000 residents to evacuate homes.

Missouri Task Force 1 arrived Sunday evening at Larimer County Fairgrounds in Loveland. The fairgrounds are the base of search and rescue operations there.        

Missouri volunteers lend a helping hand

Oct 30, 2012
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As Hurricane Sandy’s death toll rises, the storm leaves thousands of people homeless and millions without power.

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Missouri Task Force 1 departed for the East Coast overnight in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

The Missouri team includes 80 personnel and more than 100,000 pounds of equipment.

Task Force 1 teams in other states deployed yesterday afternoon, including teams from Ohio, Indiana and Tennessee.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has also put several other task forces on alert, including teams in Arizona, California, and Florida.

Missouri’s Task Force 1 plans to arrive in Herndon, VA by 5 p.m.