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The City of Moberly

The Moberly City Council is making changes to the city’s investment policy three years after the Mamtek collapse damaged the city’s credit rating. Council members passed an ordinance Monday to update the city’s current policy for investment and debt management to help restore the rating. 

Standard and Poors dropped Moberly’s credit rating from “A” to “B” in 2011 as a result of Mamtek’s closing.  In a 2013 report, Standard and Poors stated the city could improve its rating if it continued to meet its debt payments and follow its debt management policies.


For about the past 10 years citizens of Moberly, Mo. have been working on renovating the Fourth Street Theatre. It is being built completely debt free but is still about $200 thousand away from the goal. Theatre owners plan to open it this spring.

Joe Snodgrass grew up in Moberly, Mo. and remembers the Fourth Street Theatre being packed on Friday and Saturday nights. Now, he is a board member helping restore the theater and bringing it back to all its glory.

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The Moberly City Council approved the police department’s proposal to purchase new equipment for the emergency call center. Moberly Police Chief Officer Russell Tarr says the upgrade will cost about $190 thousand dollars.

Moberly City Council approves rennovation plan

Apr 19, 2013
Moberly Area Community College
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The revamped Moberly City Council didn’t wait long to begin making changes to their city.

The council recently approved an ordinance to put close to thirty thousand dollars toward repairs to city hall. The damages to the building occurred when mid-Missouri was hit by large amounts of snow back in February.