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Family Self-Sufficiency program receives grant

Oct 2, 2014

COLUMBIA – The Columbia Housing Authority received a grant just shy of $103,000 for the Family Self-Sufficiency Program.

The grant pays for two full-time coordinators who help Section 8 housing recipients set goals, continue education and strengthen money management skills. Each Family Self-Sufficiency program participant signs a five year contract when they sign up for the program.

Phil Steinhaus, CEO of the Columbia Housing Authority said, “People have to be motivated to become self-sufficient.” The program is not mandatory, because it would not work otherwise.

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Columbia public housing residents are raising concerns about the Columbia Housing Authority’s plan to renovate current housing and add more units as part of its long-term strategic plan.

At a meeting Wednesday night hosted by Grass Roots Organizing, Columbia Public Housing CEO Phil Steinhaus discussed possible renovations to current public housing units as part of its plan.

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Located in and around the J.W. “Blind” Boone Community Center downtown, the Moving Ahead program aims to nurture resiliency to substance abuse and gang involvement in Columbia’s youth. Along with doubling their enrollment and receiving its State Licensing this year, teacher reports from April indicate impressive academic performance from the students. CEO of the Columbia Housing Authority, Phil Steinhaus says he attributes the program’s success to a grant they received from the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

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While debt is a problem that affects many Americans, Columbia Housing Authority is working to improve its repayment plans for residents.