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8:25 am
Mon April 16, 2012

Newscast for April 16, 2012

After legislative infighting between Missouri lawmakers, the state's GOP caucus only brought out a miniscule portion of the vote.

Regional news coverage from the KBIA News room, including:

  • A hearing reviewing new evidence from the Kent Heitholt murder trial starts Monday.
  • Severe weekend storms batter Oklahoma and other plains states.
  • Less than one-half of one percent of Missouri voters showed up for the last GOP caucuses.
AM Newscasts
8:52 am
Fri April 13, 2012

Newscast for April 13, 2012

Fmr. Mo. Gov. Roger Wilson was indicted in federal court on Thursday.

Regional news coverage from the KBIA News room, including:

  • A former Missouri governor is indicted on money laundering charges
  • A state Senate committee endorses its own version of the 2013 budget
  • Controversy surrounds a policy requiring  Columbia police officers to wear their uniforms while performing off-duty security work.
9:10 am
Tue March 27, 2012

Keyes addresses crowd during Jefferson City prayer rally

Conservative activist Alan Keyes says many Americans have become confused about their "rights" as U.S. citizens.

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9:07 am
Tue March 27, 2012

Cunningham to not run for re-election

Jane Cunningham, a state senator from St. Louis Co, says she won't seek re-election.
j.stephenconn flickr

A St. Louis County State Senator will not seek re-election in the district she currently represents.   Jane Cunningham had initially filed to run for the 7th District seat, even though the new Senate map places that district in the Kansas City area.

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AM Newscasts
9:00 am
Tue March 27, 2012

Newscast for March 27, 2012

St. Louis Co. State Sen. Jane Cunningham says she will not seek re-election.

Regional news coverage from the KBIA News  room, including:

  • A St. Louis Co. state senator decides to not run for re-election
  • Columbia hosts renewable energy conference
  • A new GOP candidate enters race for Mo. governor.
7:39 am
Mon March 12, 2012

In runup to Republican caucus, Santorum tours southern Missouri

Presidential candidate Rick Santorum followed up his primary victory in Kansas with stops in Missouri, including a Saturday, March 10 visit to Cape Girardeau.

With a victory in Kansas under his belt, Republican Presidential hopeful Rick Santorum is looking to the next round of primary states. As Isabel Hohl reports from Cape Girardeau, that includes the battleground state of Missouri, where Santorum toured over the weekend.

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8:59 am
Mon February 27, 2012

Redistricting affects current Mo. senators

Redistricting of state Senate seats eliminates the posts of current senators.
Ryan Famuliner KBIA

A bipartisan redistricting commission reached an agreement over Missouri's 34 state Senate districts.

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9:09 am
Tue January 31, 2012

Santorum swings by Missouri

Presidential hopeful Rick Santorum badly trails front-runner Mitt Romney.
michaelrighi flickr

An overflow crowd piled into an auditorium at St. Charles Community College Monday for an appearance by Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum.

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Health & Wealth Update
10:45 am
Wed January 25, 2012

Who's at fault when an emu attacks?

Art Gelder with his Missouri mulefoot hogs.
Jacob Fenston KBIA

Agriculture and tourism are two of Missouri's biggest industries. But when the two activities meet -- think wine tastings or hay rides -- legal complexities ensue. On this week's Health & Wealth update, farmers in Missouri want the legislature to pass a law clarifying who is liable if someone gets hurt in the corn maze.

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Health & Wealth Blog
10:06 am
Fri November 11, 2011

Senators Get an Earful on Health Reform

From front to back: Senators Scott Rupp, Jane Cunningham, Joseph Keaveny, and Jim Lembke.
Jacob Fenston KBIA

Missouri state senators listened to over 3 hours of impassioned testimony on health care reform yesterday. The hearing was supposed to be on the rather mundane question of whether Missouri should set up an online health care exchange starting in 2014, or let the federal government do so. But the hearing quickly became a forum for debating the merits of health reform itself. After the jump, two interviews with senators on the committee: a Democrat representing one of the state's most liberal districts, and a Republican who has been at the forefront of Missouri's pushback against "Obamacare."

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Health & Wealth Update
3:18 pm
Wed November 9, 2011

Audrain Voters Plump for Public Health

Voters came out 60 percent in favor of the health center initiative.
Garrett Bergquist KBIA

Missouri is ranked 50th among the states in funding for public health, spending about one third of the national average. Audrain County spends even less, just $7.90 per person. In this weekly Health & Wealth update, voters in Audrain went to the polls yesterday and approved a new property tax that will keep the county's struggling health department afloat. I spoke with reporter Garrett Bergquist, who has been driving around Audrain talking to voters.

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Health & Wealth Blog
11:47 am
Thu November 3, 2011

Full Interview with Lt. Governor Kinder

Lt. Governor Peter Kinder.

Lt. Governor Peter Kinder takes aim at "Obamacare," and Democratic rivals. We discuss his legal challenge to what he calls "the federal health control law," and why he thinks his lawsuit will likely end up before the Supreme Court. We also cover some political turf: Kinder compares his style of leadership with that of Governor Jay Nixon. Missourians, says Kinder, "want a fighter, not someone who will lie down and just take dictation from our federal masters."

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Science, Health and Technology
12:34 pm
Wed November 2, 2011

In Kansas, Politics Over 'Obamacare' Strains Policy

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback answers questions in July about his policy regarding the new federal health care law. During his campaign for the governor's office last year, he said: "What we'll do in Kansas is we'll do what we're required to do, but we're gonna fight it all the way."
John Hanna AP

Originally published on Wed November 2, 2011 5:40 pm

A few months ago, Kansas seemed ahead of the game in preparing for an important requirement of the federal health law. The state had started to plan for exchanges — online marketplaces to help individuals and small businesses compare and buy health insurance.

But politics is intervening.

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