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Use Taxes Fail in Boone County and Columbia

Nov 8, 2017
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Columbia voters narrowly voted down a measure that would have created a use tax in Columbia that matched the regular city tax rate. With just over 8.400 votes cast for Proposition 1, it failed by a margin of just 132 votes (50.78% no, 49.22% yes).

Voters to Decide Whether to Extend County Sales Tax for Roads

Aug 2, 2017

A few months ago, St. Charles Road in northeast Columbia was full of cracks, rumbles and potholes. The road had not been treated since the 1990s when it was originally paved.

In July, Boone County began to rehabilitate a portion of the road from Battle High School to Route Z. Its completion was celebrated this week.

The project cost the county $244,026. 

Columbia voters approved Proposition 1 in Tuesday's primary election. Prop 1 would increase taxes from 4 percent to 5 percent at hotels and motels, and the money would be used to make improvements at the Columbia Regional Airport, including building a new terminal.


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A yes vote means no and a no vote means maybe. That's the choice being presented to Columbia residents who will vote Tuesday on Proposition 1.


A yes vote on Proposition 1 would lock in Columbia’s current bag-based trash collection system and prevent the city from considering roll carts or other trash collection options in the future.


The Solid Waste Advocacy Group (SWAG) collected more than 4,000 signatures on a petition to stop the city from implementing roll carts last fall, and the city council decided to place it before voters.


Voters accepted Columbia Water and Light’s request to increase electric utility taxes by 6% over the next five years along with the stormwater utilities suggested rate adjustment to address failing and inadequate storm water systems.

Mitch Richards is the spokesperson of Boone County for Liberty, which according to its website is a Missouri based Political Action Committee whose purpose is the advocacy of economic and civil liberties.

9-1-1 call center sets transition dates

Sep 18, 2013
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The 911 Personnel Transition Committee has announced key transition dates for the 911 call center project. The project will build a new call center on the Boone County Law Enforcement Campus.

Treasurer Nicole Galloway said the financial responsibilities will transition over on January 1, 2014.

“Boone County will start to fully fund the operations and reimburse the city for the joint communications and 911 operations and this is when that new sales tax revenue will be available,” Galloway said. “So really it’s using the revenue as the voters intended.”

Proposition 1 passage provides relief for Emergency Management

Apr 3, 2013
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After months of campaigning, members of the Boone County Office of Emergency Management were finally able to celebrate after Proposition 1 passed with a majority. Supporters filled Bleu Restaurant and Wine Bar all night as the votes came in. The proposition will increase the sales tax in Boone County by 3/8’s of a cent and the money collected will go towards upgrades for 911 emergency communication services. Operations Manager at the Office of Emergency Management Joe Piper was so stunned by the victory he was speechless.

Watch the show and join the conversation on the Intersection website.

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Cole County and Jefferson City residents voted against extending Jefferson City’s boundaries last week. Proposition One would have extended city limits to include an area called Meadows by the Lake along with two hotels and a store within the area.

City Administrator Nathan Nickolaus said there was a high voter turnout, and 65 percent of voters agreed with it. But, the support needed to pass the proposition was still a little short of 66.6 percent. Nickolaus said the reason for the proposition failure could be tied to voters not being informed about it.

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Boone County's Prop 1 aims to improve youth services

Nov 2, 2012
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On Tuesday’s ballot, Boone county residents will decide on whether to introduce a Community Children’s Service Fund to improve mental health and shelter services for youth under 19 years of age.