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When a tornado devastated Joplin in spring 2011, South Joplin Christian Church didn’t have a plan.

“The reality is that I remember no conversations where we said, ‘We could do this and this, and be prepared for part of our town being wiped off the map, for our church being damaged, and for many of our families losing their homes and businesses,” said Jill Michel, the church’s pastor. “There were no conversations that started that way.”

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A disaster specialist for the American Red Cross Heart of Missouri Chapter says some residents of the Ash Street Place apartment building that caught fire Tuesday in Columbia may be able to move back in this weekend. But Phillip Iman says there will still be some residents who have to wait longer.

Red Cross volunteers to help with winter storm

Feb 21, 2013
Alex Olgin / KBIA

Red Cross volunteers are on hand to help with the winter storm in mid-Missouri. The Heart of Missouri Chapter of the American Red Cross is prepared to build shelters for people who may lose power.  Phillip Iman, a spokesperson for the Red Cross chapter, says this is unlikely to happen.  

Regional news coverage from the KBIA newsroom, including:

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The Heart of Missouri chapter of the American Red Cross needs more volunteers.