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Business, labor and civil rights groups are opposing a bill that would require all Missouri employers to use a federal program checking employees' authorization to legally work in the U.S.

Bill sponsor Rep. Rick Brattin told a House panel Monday that mandating participation in the E-Verify system is a quick and cheap way to ensure employers follow immigration laws. His bill would establish a three-strike system in which a business would lose its license the third time it hires someone unauthorized to work in the country.

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A Missouri lawmaker has withdrawn a bill that sought to strip scholarships from college athletes who go on strike or refuse to play for reasons unrelated to health.


Editorial from KBIA News Director Ryan Famuliner

Mother Jones published an article Wednesday about Missouri House Bill 131, a bill proposed by Republican Rick Brattin from Harrisonville. It’s mandatory reading for what follows to make much sense.

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JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) — A Missouri Republican is proposing that women be required to get notarized permission from the father to receive an abortion.

State Representative Rick Brattin of Harrisonville recently filed legislation requiring a father's consent except in cases of rape or incest.

The Missouri House has given first-round approval to legislation that would overhaul the state’s conceal carry process.

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A Missouri lawmaker has proposed legislation that would require members of the General Assembly to be subjected to random drug testing during the session.