sarah redohl

Business Beat
5:53 pm
Wed June 6, 2012

MU Genetics research could lead to better beef, profits for breeders

A researcher at the University of Missouri is trying to find a way to track the most productive cattle to predict future profits. Plus, a quick update on the rise in Missouri’s state revenue last month, and what that might mean for state funding levels.

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5:37 pm
Wed June 6, 2012

Better breeding through cow genetics

For cattle breeders, buying a new bull or cow can be a risk—its offspring will bring home the profit. Jared Decker, a phD student in genetics at the University of Missouri, thinks he’s found a way to manage some of that risk through the manipulation of cow genetics.

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Inside the EEZ
6:30 am
Fri May 11, 2012

Inside the EEZ Part 3: A closer look at the program

One of the neighborhoods included in the original Columbia EEZ proposal
Sarah Redohl KBIA

In February, Regional Economic Development, Inc. proposed an Enhanced Enterprise Zone in Columbia. Facing a public backlash, city council has thrown out the original proposal, and will possibly start the process over, this time with more community input.  In part three of her three part series, KBIA’s Sarah Redohl tells us some of the EEZ statute is tough to explain.

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Inside the eez
5:30 am
Thu May 10, 2012

Inside the EEZ Part 2: Where is blight? And where isn't it?

Regional Economic Development Inc., or REDI, proposed an Enhanced Enterprise Zone in Columbia in February. The state program offers tax incentives to businesses investing in economically depressed areas. On Monday, Columbia City Council voted to throw out the original proposal, and possibly start the process over. It’s not yet clear whether the same area would be proposed for an EEZ, but KBIA’s Sarah Redohl analyzed the old data to see how it measured up to the blight designation. She explains the original proposal didn’t include some of Columbia’s poorest neighborhoods.

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Inside the EEZ
9:30 am
Wed May 9, 2012

Inside the EEZ Part 1: A fit for Columbia?

A proposed enhanced enterprise zone in Columbia has generated a lot of discussion for the last few months. Concerns about the designation of blight required for the EEZ have been widely discussed in the news and at city council meetings. On Monday, Columbia City Council voted to throw out the original proposal and possibly start the process over.  In part 1 of her 3 part series on the EEZ program, KBIA’s Sarah Redohl explores whether Columbia is different from other EEZs.

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Under the Microscope
6:04 pm
Thu March 22, 2012

On early planting

Fiona Henderson Flickr

On this week’s show, we’ll hear why farmers and gardeners should hold off on planting early this year, and find out why MU is hiring fewer international scholars.

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Science, Health and Technology
5:00 pm
Thu March 22, 2012

Cost affects number of international workers hired by MU

Craig James Flickr

Columbia has long been a hub for science and innovation in mid-Missouri, and the international scholars associated with the University of Missouri have contributed a lot to that distinction. But the number of international scholars MU hires has been decreasing for the past five years. 

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Business Beat
11:53 am
Thu December 15, 2011

Struggling Infrastructure in the Midwest

Ron Bartlet feeds the ducks he keeps on his small Iowa farm.
Kathleen Masterson Harvest Public Media

This week: we look at how diversity in Missouri can lead to better business and how struggling Midwest infrastructure can affect you at the grocery store.  

By: Nick Adams 

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