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Science and Technology
5:29 pm
Thu April 17, 2014

Training the brain to learn a new dominant hand

Scott Frey, PhD, discusses his research into how amputees learn to use a non-dominant hand, and how this research could help those suffering from disabilities following a stroke.
Credit Jacob Jones / KBIA

University of Missouri researchers are starting to uncover details about how the brain adapts to the loss or impairment of an individual's dominant hand. Dr. Scott Frey with MU's Department of Psychological Sciences has been working with amputation and stroke patients and his research may hold the secret to training the brain and the body to use a non-dominant hand. I recently say down with Frey to learn more: 

Can you give me a little background information as to what got you started with this research?

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Science and Technology
9:19 am
Mon April 14, 2014

MU researchers shed light on how stroke victims learn to use their hands again

Some studies being done at the University of Missouri may shed some light on how stroke victims learn to regain control of an impaired hand, or even learn how to use their opposite hand. 

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