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Columbia shoppers could be looking at an extra charge when they get to the end of the checkout line in the grocery store. The Missouri Chapter of the Sierra Club proposed an ordinance at Monday’s city council meeting that would ban single-use plastic bags. The ordinance would require shoppers to bring their own reusable bags or pay for paper bags to use at checkout.

The Sierra Club is proposing this ordinance because of the harm single-use plastic bags cause the environment. Jan Dye is the chairperson of the Columbia chapter of the Sierra Club.

"Our initial proposal is to ban plastic single-use bags at any rental store that sells perishable food items," said Dye.  

Updated Thursday 10:15 p.m.

The Sierra Club says Ameren has been routinely violating air quality standards at its St. Louis-area power plants.

In a Notice of Intent to Sue delivered to Ameren on Wednesday afternoon, the Sierra Club alleges the company's Labadie, Meramec, and Rush Island plants have exceeded air pollution limits almost 10,000 times since 2008.

Sierra Club threatens suit over Ameren air quality

Dec 12, 2013
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An environmental group says it plans to soon sue utility provider Ameren over what it calls repeated violations of federal air pollution standards.

The Sierra Club told Ameren Corp. it plans legal action in the next 60 days over what the group says are nearly 10,000 violations of the Clean Air Act since 2008 at coal-fired power plants in St. Louis, Jefferson and Franklin counties

The alleged violations involve the amount of soot released from smokestacks at the Meramec, Labadie and Rush Island plants.

Environmental groups are once again urging state officials to require groundwater monitoring at Ameren’s coal-fired power plants in eastern Missouri.

The Sierra Club and Labadie Environmental Organization submitted a letter to the Missouri Department of Natural Resources on Thursday asking the state not to allow Ameren to build new coal ash landfills before testing groundwater for contamination.