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City Council Approves United Airlines Deal

Mar 22, 2017

Columbia City Council voted Monday to approve a one-year incentive package with United Airlines. The deal includes a $600,000 revenue guarantee for the airline’s first year in Columbia and confirms round-trip Denver flights beginning in August.

“Denver is one of the top five mega-hubs in the United States, that provides some of the best connectivity for international and domestic destinations,” said Columbia Community Relations Director Steven Sapp. “We know that Denver has been one of the most sought-after destinations from Columbia and Boone County [residents].”

Boone County Courthouse
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The Avenue of the Columns project in Columbia will begin its third phase on Monday Dec. 7 at 7 a.m. This phase of the project will include work on Eighth St. between Cherry St. and Walnut St. and is expected to finish until the summer of 2016.

What to Expect from Looming Winter Weather Conditions

Nov 18, 2015
Snowy College Avenue
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The City of Columbia Street Division is participating in Winter Weather Awareness Day on Wednesday, November 18 by having equipment operators practice dry runs on priority routes and through neighborhoods.

Snowy street
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A new report from the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) released this week said 23 states spent more than a combined $1 billion to combat winter weather from October 2014-April 2015.


The Columbia Public Works Parking Utility department is installing 50 new parking meter heads that accept electronic payments.

Columbia Regional Airport adds additional flight

Apr 1, 2014

  Columbia Regional Airport is adding a new flight. The airport announced a second route to Chicago O’Hare starting Wednesday, April 2. American Airlines will provide a 6 a.m. departure from Columbia Regional, as well as a return flight that would arrive at 7:45 p.m.

Columbia considers tick-and-tow system

Nov 14, 2013

Columbia residents may want to take a little more caution parking their cars this winter.

In an effort to make it easier on snow removal crews this winter, the City of Columbia wants to implement a ticket-and-tow system on designated routes.

Steven Sapp, Public Information Specialist for Columbia Public Works, said some of Columbia’s major roads could be subject to the new system.

Columbia City Hall
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The Columbia City is launching a parking permit program today, hoping to alleviate a parking shortage in the North Village area.

Fire department says goodbye to battalion chief

Jul 3, 2012
Columbia Fire Truck
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The Columbia Fire Department bid farewell to Battalion Chief Steven Sapp at a public reception Friday afternoon.  More than 40 people came to City Hall to honor Battalion Chief Steven Sapp for his 22 years of service in the Fire Department.

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