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Jefferson City Discusses Storm Water Utility

Oct 25, 2016
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Jefferson City may be adding a storm water utility fee to fund services to repair and maintain the failing infrastructure.

City Council held a storm water utility discussion Monday night to determine the urgency of better storm water services and how they may be funded.

Floods in August and September caused damage to at least 40 buildings and homes in Jefferson City, and there were flash floods on various streets.

Multiple residents told the council they have spent thousands of dollars on property repairs due to flooding.


The Columbia Mayor’s Task Force on Infrastructure held a meeting Wednesday night to discuss ideas of how to help control the city’s problems with storm water. 

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The Columbia Public Works Department had a problem. 

Kirksville discusses storm water issue

Jun 14, 2012

The city of Kirksville is holding a public open house Thursday to discuss storm water issues on the city. Kirksville started an initiative two years ago to fix storm water problems like flash flooding and drainage in the city.