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Rural electric pole
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Twelve Columbia residents spoke to city council members Monday night in opposition to new high-voltage power lines to be built on the south side of Columbia. This opposition followed a report by city staff outlining the details and progress of the project. According to the report, the additional lines are needed to lighten the load on existing power lines in that part of town. The plan has been in the works since 2007 and a route was chosen in 2013, but residents’ concerns prompted the council to reopen the issue for another public hearing.

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Columbia’s southern region is in need of new electrical transmission lines because of the region’s population increase – and Columbia’s Water and Light Department and City Council are discussing options for the region.

Representatives from the Department and council met yesterday (Thursday) afternoon to discuss one project that would create new transmission lines. Water and Light staff have proposed three line options to the council.

Officials say regardless of the option chosen residents should expect to see a utility-rate increase for the project.