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Teens may not be the first demographic to come to mind when thinking about solving the problem of domestic and sexual violence, but for Becky Vermeire, who runs a domestic violence agency in rural Missouri, they are key.

“The way that we are going to prevent [domestic violence] is working with our kids,” Vermeire said. “If we are really going to make a dent in what we are doing for the future, it’s that prevention piece.”

Regional news from the KBIA newsroom, including:

  • Continued flood rescues in Taney County,
  • Waynesville flood victims identified, and
  • Rep. Chris Kelly's wife, a district judge, refuses to recuse herself from Mamtek case.

Photo provided by Miller County Emergency Management.

As a result of recent rainfall, fire and emergency crews performed about 30 water rescues this morning in Hollister, some of them from the rooftops of their homes. 

Bruce Bjorge, assistant Fire Chief in Western Taney County, said several of those rescues were on Old Mill Road, and that 17 of those rescues took place in Hidden Valley Mobile Home Park.