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The Columbia City Council approved the creation of a new Columbia Parks and Recreation Fund Monday. The fund will help the department seek donations from corporations to benefit different facilities and programs.

Mike Griggs, the Parks and Recreation director, said the department has to find other sources of revenue to meet increasing operating expenses due to lack of sales tax revenue in Colombia.

“Right now we are looking at it as a way to help generate some extra revenue to help those programs and facilities where we currently don't have adequate funding,” Griggs said.

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Missouri appears increasingly likely to finish its budget year with less revenue than had been expected.

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Gov. Jay Nixon says he would enact an income tax cut, if lawmakers agree to several contingencies.

Missouri's tax revenues were down in January but remain on an overall pace that is a little ahead of the previous fiscal year.

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Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon has signed legislation allowing for an additional $219 million in state spending during the current fiscal year.

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Missouri lawmakers are looking for ways to collect taxes from some online and out-of-state retailers.
State budget officials estimate that Missouri could gain about $10 million annually in tax revenues if legislation filed in both the House and Senate were to pass.

The bills address two areas that traditional retail stores contend put them at a disadvantage. One provision would require Missouri taxes to be collected on out-of-state retailers that personally deliver products like furniture and appliances to Missouri homes.