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Update: 2-28-15 2:28 p.m.:

The Texas County Sheriff’s Office on Saturday afternoon released the names of the remaining three victims in the Thursday evening shooting spree that killed 8, including the gunman.

Carey Dean Shriver, 46, and Valirea Love Shriver, 44, were husband and wife. Carey’s father, Darrell Dean Shriver, 68, was also killed. A surviving victim, a 67-year-old female from Tyrone, continues her recover, according to a news release. Her name was not given and no additional details were provided.

Police say a gunman is among nine people found dead in south-central Missouri, following a series of shootings in multiple locations Thursday night. The man was 36; police say he died from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.

The attacks happened in Texas County, Mo., and the gunman's body was found in nearby Shannon County. Police say an elderly woman whose body was found in a residence seems to have died from natural causes. Seven other people died of gunshot wounds; one person who was wounded is in the hospital.

Dozens in jail after Texas County drug sting

Apr 15, 2014
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  Dozens of Texas County residents are in jail following a massive drug sting executed by Missouri law enforcement on Monday. A grand jury issued 110 indictments for 58 individuals for mostly drug related offenses. 45 people were arrested on Monday and 4 others named in the operation were already in prison, leaving nine more at large.