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Emerald O'Brien / KBIA

  Columbia residents heard from the planning group working on an updated development code for the final time Wednesday night. After almost two years of work, Clarion Associates submitted a final draft to Columbia’s Planning and Zoning Commission in October.

Don Elliot, who is the director of Clarion’s Denver team, presented an overview of the potential code, which condenses the current development code into five sections and integrates many existing requirements.  

Columbia adopts new neighborhood traffic plan

Nov 19, 2013
Sarah Redohl / KBIA

Columbia’s city council adopted the Neighborhood Traffic Management Program Monday.

The program allows the Public Works Department to work with residents to fix problems in their neighborhood and aims to help calm traffic on residential streets. A neighborhood can make a request to fix traffic and a study will be performed to see if the issue is of legitimate concern.

“It’s great to have some kind of uniform strategy for handling questions that come up from neighborhood residents and neighborhood leaders,” said Community Development Director Tim Teddy.

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Columbia City Council voted Monday night to hire an outside consulting service to help with the revision of the city’s zoning ordinances and subdivision regulations. Council members hope hiring an outside consultant to focus on city-specific zoning issues will help spur urban growth. Community Development Director Tim Teddy says the project would be a multiyear effort.