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Bill Allowing Guns on College Campuses Draws Opposition to House Hearing

Apr 11, 2017
KBIA/file photo

Child care centers, public universities and churches would no longer be "gun-free zones" for Missourians with concealed carry permits under a proposed House bill.

"Is this for show or is this for real?" Rep. Jon Carpenter, D-Kansas City, asked during a Missouri House General Laws committee hearing on Monday.

"I want individuals to be able to choose whether or not they carry a gun to protect themselves and others if the need were to arise," Rep. Jered Taylor, R-Nixa, responded.

At the center of the debate was one question: Do more guns make people more or less safe?

The Missouri House is debating all 13 bills Tuesday that make up the state’s proposed budget for next year.  Lawmakers are offering up several amendments to the budget – one in particular would have shifted 150-thousand dollars from the state’s biodiesel fund to Alzheimer’s patients.  It was sponsored by Independent House Member Tracy McCreery of St. Louis County.